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Default Making Evaluations with Nouns and Adjectives

too (much/many) and (not) enough are sequenced differently when you're making evaluations with adjectives and nouns.
Evaluations with Adjectives
We use too before an adjective when making an evaulation:
This house is too small.
When making an evaluation with an adjective using not enough, the adjective is usually inserted between not and enough:
The car isn't fast enough.
Evaluations with Nouns
When we make evaluations with nouns using too, we often use it in conjuction with much or many:
There are too many cars.
There is too much traffic.
When we make evaluations with nouns using not enough, the noun usually comes after not enough:
There aren't enough chairs.

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Default Re: Making Evaluations with Nouns and Adjectives

for this helpful post.
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