Alarm for suspected coronary heart disease in the Ministry of Education

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The authorities have been alerted to the case of a 55-year-old woman who works in the public sector and went to work normally despite having symptoms of coronary heart disease. The woman, according to what has become known, is said to be going to work normally despite the fact that she had suspicious symptoms. In fact, she refused to stay in the hospital and the authorities were looking for her for five hours.

In particular, as reported by Open, the 55-year-old civil servant of the “big public service” visited the doctor of her service, telling him that for six days he has a fever, diarrhea and feels very tired. The doctor, in turn, informed her that she has symptoms of coronary heart disease and underlined that she must remain in his office in order to call EODY, but also to disinfect her office.

The 55-year-old allegedly said she had nothing serious and made known her intention to leave. Then the doctor of the service insisted on staying there, so that the office could be disinfected, saying that disinfection may be needed in all areas of the service that employ more than a thousand employees. The woman told the doctor that she had contacted EODY a week ago and was told not to worry. Then the doctor called EODY himself and after a while, an ambulance arrived at the service in order to pick her up. Inside the ambulance, on the way to the hospital, the 55-year-old allegedly told the crew that she did not want to go to the hospital because she had nothing.

Asked by EKAB staff about the way she has been moving in recent days, the woman replied that she travels by suburban train. Arriving at KAT Hospital, the doctors, although they informed her that she had to stay in the hospital for the necessary examinations, she refused, as a result of which she signed a responsible statement before she left. Later, she was searched by the health authorities and as it turned out, she had forgotten her mobile phone in the service where she works. In this effort, it was found that the service did not have all the information to contact her. In fact, a landline number declared by the 55-year-old was wrong and they searched for her for five hours. The commander of KAT was informed about all this and with his personal actions, he contacted both the lady’s service and EODY and the Civil Protection.

Earlier, the KAT doctor who had welcomed the 55-year-old to the waiting area for the suspected cases tarnished the information that the civil servant would take the test at the Corinth hospital. The 55-year-old went to the Corinth hospital, where she underwent tests and the results are expected to determine whether it is a case of coronavirus or not. According to Sky, the woman works at the Ministry of Education and is being treated for a fever at a Corinth hospital near her home. Other employees who work with her at the same place stayed home until the result came out.


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