Anogia: Where is the police investigation – What did the forensic report show?

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The son of one of the two victims of the murder in Lefteris Kalomiris, who allegedly killed the 30-year-old farmer, is expected to be at the Rethymnon prosecutor’s office around 12 noon.

The testimony of his 29-year-old son, Lefteris Kalomiris, will shed light on the case, but there is also information that he will request an adjournment to apologize to the investigator next week.

The 29-year-old son of Lefteris Kalomiris was handed over to the police yesterday at noon and today he is expected to give his own version of the double murder in Anogia.

Draconian security measures

The police have drawn up a whole plan in order to transfer the 63-year-old’s son to the prosecutor’s office.

There is currently a strong police force in the courts of Rethymno, assisted by forces from Chania since strong forces are currently in Anogia.

It is recalled that at the time of the apology of his son Lefteris Kalomiris, his father will be buried in Anogia.

What the forensic report showed

According to newer information, the medical examiner’s report shows that a 30-year-old G.X., who fell dead, had first brutally punched the 63-year-old who tried to stop him from entering the house to find his son.

The 30-year-old then pulled out a pistol and killed him.

Shortly before the double murder, according to information, the 29-year-old son of the lyre player allegedly punched the 30-year-old breeder in a quarrel on the occasion of family disputes.

The murdered man then went to his house, took his gun and returned to the home of the family of the 63-year-old who asked him to leave but unfortunately, he did not do so with the 30-year-old stepping on the trigger.

His 30-year-old son, seeing his father dead, opened fire and killed the breeder.

What are the authorities looking for?

At the same time, the investigations are continuing with special attention in order to clarify the exact circumstances, which led to the double murder last Saturday night and “wrapped” Anogia in black.

According to the latest information from, two weapons were found at the scene of the clash.

Specifically, I found 8 calyxes from a small 9-year-old and these are attributed to the weapon handed over by the 29-year-old son of L. Kalomiris to the Rethymnon Security and a 9-year-old calyx that is considered to be related to the bullet that fatally hit the 63-year-old.

As it is emphasized, it is crucial, regarding the forensic side, to clarify the firing distance of the bullet received by the unfortunate mantinadologist.

This is what the medical examiners are trying to determine, and it is a crucial element, as there is a scenario of firefighting.

Regarding the height of the shot received by the 63-year-old, the information states that there was a difference in height, which means that Kalomiris was lower when he received the bullet that cut the thread of his life.


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