Applications that were taken during the quarantine period

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An increase was recorded in video chat applications in the middle of a pandemic and due to quarantine.

In particular, many users choose to use them either to work, to train, or to communicate with their loved ones remotely.

In fact, according to research, since the restrictions on travel began to apply in European countries, users’ interest in such applications has increased by up to seven times.

Which applications took the lead

According to’s research, which analyzed the average number of web searches of the most popular chat applications, both by technology giants and by technology companies specializing in them, such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Rakuten, Line Corporation, the undisputed leader in Europe. is WhatsApp.

The popular instant messaging platform, which has been acquired by Facebook, has proven to be the most searched application in 22 European countries.

WhatsApp has taken the lead across the continent, from Portugal and Spain, via Switzerland and Italy, to Germany and the Czech Republic. Russia, Turkey and Romania also had a special response.

Of course, the popularity of Zoom of the well-known American teleconferencing application was great, which managed to increase its users by 100 million in just three weeks.

According to the survey, Zoom proved to be the most popular messaging app in 14 countries, with interest being increased in North European countries (UK, Norway), some Baltic countries (Lithuania, Estonia) and Ukraine and Moldova. It is worth noting that Zoom also records explosive growth outside European territory since according to the latest data of the platform, its users now reach 300 million. Compared to just 10 million last December.

Greeks are more traditional

However, the Greeks remained traditional using more the application they have been accustomed to for so many years.
According to Picodi, users in Greece have remained loyal to Skype, which has been around since 2004.

Viber, another popular application, was preferred not only by us but also in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Belarus, Montenegro and Serbia.


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