Artists protest rally at the Ministry of Culture

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Artists and workers in the field of Culture, on the occasion of World Culture Day, continue the fight for their rights by gathering outside the Ministry of Culture.

Against the backdrop of World Culture Day, in addition to events in cities across the country, there will be a protest rally outside the Ministry of Culture.

Specifically, the Panhellenic Federation of Spectacle Theater, unions and trade unions in the industry are holding a protest in front of the Ministry of Culture.

Artists protest rally at the Ministry of Culture

Artists protest rally at the Ministry of Culture

The call of the Panhellenic Federation of Spectacle-Listening

“The leniency of the Government and the Ministry of Labor towards the artists has been exhausted.” This was stated by the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni in the most recent teleconference that the Panhellenic Federation of Spectacular Theater and representatives of primary unions had, making it clear that it is not in the government’s intention to effectively support all employees in the field of Culture.

Given all this, we have no choice but to continue the fight to cover the thousands of workers in the field, who remain “invisible” even now.

Next Thursday, May 21, World Culture Day, the Federation, the Associations and the Trade Unions of the industry gather at 12.00 noon in front of the Ministry of Culture, so that we can then march to the Ministry of Labor and Parliament.

Maintaining all health precautions (distances, mask and gloves).
We do not ask for any leniency, we do not beg, we demand the self-evident support of all employees in the field of Culture.

The announcement in detail:

By shortening and announcing measures that are incomplete and insufficient, the Ministry of Culture has already led our space to a dead end.

We ask:

To include immediately those who have not joined the special support measure of € 800 from the first phase retroactively and for the entire duration of the crisis. This includes all employees who have been employed for the last two years (actors, musicians, dancers, singers, film and television technicians, live theatre and listening technicians and other spectators), regardless of the employment relationship. That is, no separation should be made on the basis of the type of contract.

Give unemployment benefits to all registered unemployed, until the crisis is overcome, without conditions and conditions.

To ensure full insurance capacity and suspension of the tax, insurance and bank liabilities for all, without exception, those affected by the crisis (health and financial).

To ensure the protection of the first home from auctions and evictions and the non-interruption of water, electricity and telephone supplies.

For the Register of Artists, Creators and Professionals of Art and Culture to start a dialogue from the beginning with the unions for each speciality so that it is possible to fully capture the active professionals of Culture and not to be an alibi for further delay for implementation of special support measures.

From the first moment, we, the employees of the space, realized the sloppiness with which the platform was organized for their registration in the Register of Artists, Creators and Professionals of Art and Culture. A tool that could prove useful in mapping and organizing our industry is evolving into a fiasco.

From the very first moment, we stigmatized the reversals of the Register in the way it was announced and presented.

The hasty and deficient way in which the Register was implemented, not including basic specialities of the area, was an unpleasant surprise for our area and under the protests of the whole and united area of ​​culture, the Ministry was forced to fold.

The correct creation of the Register is therefore clear that it takes some time for this to be a really useful tool for the future of all employees. That is why it is not possible to connect to the immediate support measures that the site needs.

The creation of such a Register in a clear, clean, fair and democratic manner, which presupposes an accurate and careful entry of all employees without exception in the field of Culture, by industry and speciality, is absolutely necessary. So we will all have in our hands, a powerful tool and a strong argument so that, among other things, if there is a similar need in the future, there will be absolutely no “invisible” workers in the field of Culture in any leadership of the Ministry of Culture, current or future.

We are still asking about the productions that will take place during this period:

A plan of long-term care for all employees and for those who did not join the support measures, to continue the contracts with the bodies of the General Government.

To exclude from those grants those cases for which, after control of the observance of the labour legislation, there will be a violation of the general work obligations (undeclared rehearsals, hours, salaries, etc.).

We emphasize, therefore, that in the field of culture the crisis is deeper both for objective reasons and because it is affected by the current situation that fuels an unacceptable regime of lawlessness and over-exploitation, the pandemic crisis should not be a reason for levelling labour rights.

To issue complete and clear instructions following a recommendation from the Ministry of Health, which will concern all the rules of hygiene and safety in all productions and to carry out a systematic preventive inspection, that these rules are followed.

Finally, we ask the Minister of Culture to stop targeting colleagues who may work in public bodies or subsidize their producers.


Let’s stay united like a fist until there is substantial support for all employees in the field, horizontally. Let us be united like a fist until everyone’s labour rights are restored and both the current problems caused by the health crisis and the chronic problems that plague our industry are solved.
And let’s give a more united and dynamic than ever a thunderous “present” on Thursday, May 21, 2020, a day of struggle and action for Culture and its employees. We do not back down.

Colleagues, please come wearing masks and gloves. In the event that for some reason you are unable to obtain them, you will be provided with the materials, the use of which, as well as the observance of distances, is necessary as a precautionary measure against our health.”


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