AUTh: The physical examination of the spring semester without the physical presence of students

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The students of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki will be evaluated electronically and remotely in all the courses of the spring semester, according to a unanimous decision of the Senate of the Foundation, which met today through a teleconference. The decision does not exclude any Department, as the physical presence of students is provided only in laboratories and clinics, where it is deemed absolutely necessary.

“The methods and methods of the examination were discussed by the body and will be specialized in the next few days by each department separately,” the rector of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Prof. Nikos Papaioannou, told APE-MPE, emphasizing that the Senate’s decision was taken “considering We are in an extraordinary period, but it is by no means possible in the future to replace the educational function with a physical presence within the university premises “.

Regarding the start and end dates of the examination period, Mr Papaioannou clarified that “it will be determined by the departments, taking into account the parameter of the time during which the students received the textbooks”.

Before the start of the Senate meeting, moreover, members of student associations from the Departments of Physics, Biology, Geology, Veterinary Medicine, Electrical – Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Law, Journalism & Mass Media, Political Science and Economics, Psychology, PTD Thessaloniki Homes (SOFETH) mobilized at the Rector’s Office of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, asking for answers on how to complete the semester, but also how to conduct the exams.

Dimitris Kovaios, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Student Welfare, met with the students, to whom the members of the BoDs of the student associations submitted a text with their requests. “The student associations, with a well-organized presence in the area and taking all the protection measures, demanded with their current mobilization specific answers about the need to immediately determine the time and place of the examination, to take all necessary measures so as not to Less than a lesson, a workshop or an internship for any student, the spring exam and double exam in September for all students, “said Anna-Maria Iliou, a student at APE-MPE. “Already, students have been facing real explosive problems all this time through the tele-education process, which makes it impossible for many of us to attend. These problems are sure to intensify in the next period, especially in the examination “, said Dimitris Perdikis, member of the Board of the Student Association of Electrical-Mechanical Engineers and the Panhellenic Secretariat of the Student Struggle Front.

Source: RES-EIA


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