Back to the desks: Detailed instructions for the safe conduct of the courses

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Under the concerns of the educational community about the possibility of live broadcasting of lessons, the schools for the students of the high school and the A ‘and B’ high school will be opened tomorrow.

In addition to the well-known protection measures, distance keeping, meticulous cleaning and the optional use of a mask, students should take care of their books so that they can use them in the coming school year.

In addition, high school students will be able to attend for a few weeks until the end of the year and Remedial Teaching.

The “footstool” in the schools, after the lifting of the suspension of their operation on March 11, was made last Monday, May 11, 2020, by the students of the 3rd high school and the ministry expresses satisfaction for the attendance of the students but also for the observance of protection measures.

For primary and secondary school students, it is still uncertain whether they will return to the classrooms on June 1, as this will depend on the epidemiological data that emerges these days. The ministry has clarified, however, that municipal and kindergartens will reopen “only if there is certainty that the course of the epidemic is going downhill”. For the Special Schools, the suspension of operation has been extended and it is not foreseen that they will be open until the end of the year.

Live lesson broadcast

The attention of students, parents and teachers has been drawn to the ministerial decision that allows for the live broadcast of a lesson in the absence of a student belonging to a vulnerable group.

The educational federations (ILO, OLME and OIELE) have expressed their opposition, citing the importance of protecting sensitive personal data of students and teachers, with the ministry stressing that the purpose of this regulation is legal.

According to the regulation, the camera should focus only on the teacher and / or the board in the classroom, while the live broadcast of the course does not concern part of the teaching time related to any student examination. This decision is valid until the end of the current school year.

Students will keep their books for the new year

High school and high school students will need to keep all their books for use next school year.

This information was sent by the office of the Deputy Minister of Education, Sofia Zacharaki, to the schools in the context of the planning for the coming school year (2020-21).

Thus, the principals of the Gymnasiums and General Lyceums have been invited to inform the students who are currently attending high school and in the A and B classes of the high school that they must keep all their books for their use in the next school year.

Reinforcement Teaching Reoperation

Until Friday, June 12, the High School Curriculum will continue. According to a relevant decision, the courses will be carried out under the responsibility of the Directing School Centers of Compensatory Education (YSKAE), by reshaping the schedule of the required program, without changing the teaching hours of each teacher according to his contract, and taking all necessary measures. to protect students and teachers.

End of course on the 12th and beginning of the Panhellenic on the 15th of June

High schools and lyceums will offer classes until June 12. As it has already become known, promotion and graduation exams will not take place and the evaluation of students will be based on the grades of the four months.

As for the Panhellenic Examinations, they will start on June 15 and 16 for the General Lyceums and the Vocational High Schools, respectively.

The rules

As it was the case for the students of the 3rd Lyceum, so for the students of the high schools and the A ‘and B’ Lyceum, the return to the schools is done with the necessary protection measures, which have been provided by EODY and the Ministry of Education.

– Entrance and exit from the school premises

In order to reduce overcrowding during the arrival and departure of students to the school, the standard gathering in the courtyard will not take place before the start of the program. Students will go straight to their classroom.

– Fifteen students per room, with open windows

Now, by the end of the current school year, the maximum number of students allowed per class is fifteen (15) and the distance between students sitting at desks should be 1.5 meters. Classrooms are divided into two and students will go to school in rotation. Monday – Wednesday – Friday will go halfway and Tuesday – Thursday the other half, while next week it will be the other way around. The small sections (up to 15 people) will be able to operate daily.

According to the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, 66% of the departments of the 3rd high school of GEL will teach daily and not in rotation, because these departments have less than 15 students and there is no need to divide departments. The corresponding percentage of the departments of the 3rd high school of EPAL is 74%.

Regarding the layout of the rooms, the relevant circular stipulates that the desks will have a common orientation, in order to reduce as much as possible the exposure of students to droplets from coughing or sneezing, especially in rooms with limited space. Students will sit one by one on the desk and alternately on the right and left side of the desk, not one behind the other.

Ventilation of the classrooms will, of course, be done and it is planned to clean them twice a day.

– Separate at breaks

From tomorrow until the end of the school year, the school break will be different. Students will not take a single break in order to reduce the interaction between the sections/subtypes. The image of students pouring into the courtyard is a thing of the past, as a gradual exit is planned and in turn, each class will have a different space in the courtyard.

Ball games (eg volleyball, basketball, soccer) are prohibited and canteens will be closed.

Antiseptics, the use of a mask is optional

School cleaning will be meticulous from tomorrow, while the schools have been “equipped” with antiseptics. Already, every school is meticulously cleaned, while cleaners will be on-site during school hours.

As for the use of a mask by the students, this is optional in the classrooms and the means of transportation of the students.

Meetings of the Teachers’ Association

School principals will be able to invite members of the Teachers’ Association to a meeting in a place that meets the requirements of the distance between teachers, even if this requires moving the Association’s meeting to a place other than the one usually used for this purpose.

EODY protocol for cases

In order to manage any symptoms that occur in a member of the school community, the relevant EODY protocol will be activated, based on the tracking process and with grades depending on each case.

In case a student falls ill with coronavirus, the school is not closed. Classmates in the same ward are scheduled to leave the school for 10 days. As long as they do not show any suspicious symptoms, they will return. As for the student who may be ill, he is expected to return to school after 3 days from the onset of fever and the remission of his symptoms, as well as the passage of at least 10 days from the onset of symptoms.


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