Britain: Antibody tests are available next week

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Next week will begin gradually the availability of antibody tests for coronavirus and the first to be tested will be NHS (British National Health System) staff, staff and caregivers at care centres, the minister said. Health, Matt Hancock, in today’s briefing by the government on the new data regarding the pandemic.

Matt Hancock said the government had reached an agreement with Roche and Abbott to supply 10 million antibody tests to be available in the coming months. Test supplies will be distributed throughout the UK and any decentralized administration will decide how to make the test available locally. “It is an important milestone and represents the further progress in our national examination program,” he said.

The minister said certification systems would be set up for the population that would be found to be positive in the antibody test, not only for clinical progress that could be achieved but also because it would help to understand more data, such as if the lower risk of re-infection, transmission or even death from the virus. “We are developing this critical science to know the impact of a positive antibody test and to create certification systems that will ensure that those with antibodies are safe to do so,” he said.

338 new deaths – We are at the level of an ordinary winter, says the chief medical consultant

According to an initial study in a population sample tested for antibodies, it was found that 17% of Londoners probably have coronary antibodies and 5% in the rest of the population. Matt Hancock said a larger sample of the population needed antibodies was needed and that in addition to the two pharmaceutical companies with which agreements were reached, three more tests were being tested.

Asked if a possible vaccine for the virus would become mandatory, he said the government could only recommend that a vaccine be safe, and then the population would have to use it. However, for the time being, it has not reached the point of examining this issue.

In the last 24 hours, another 338 deaths from coronavirus have been recorded in all parts of Britain, bringing the total to 36,042. Yesterday, 128,340 diagnostic tests were performed and 2,615 were positive.

According to the government’s chief medical adviser, Chris White, at the moment, all deaths from all causes, including Covid’s deaths, are at the level of a normal winter average. “In essence, in terms of health, in terms of mortality, we have winter in late spring and early summer,” he said. Regarding the deaths in the care centres, he said that their peak has occurred and they are now in decline.

He then cited data released today by the National Statistics Office on the number of patients with coronavirus in England. Based on these data, the number remains stable, as for the period from 4-17 May there is a small decrease compared to the previous 15 days. In particular, in the last two weeks of May, the estimated percentage of the population in England infected with Covid-19 corresponds to 0.25%, slightly less than it appeared from a corresponding measurement made on April 27 – May 10. Respectively, the estimated number of new cases per week in England is 61,000.

AstraZeneca announced 400 million doses of the possible vaccine

AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical company, said it had reached the first deals on the $ 400 million dose of the possible coronavirus vaccine, which is being tested by the University of Oxford’s research institute. in September.

In a statement, she said she was aiming for more deals with suppliers to increase her potential in the coming months, and that she had received more than $ 1 billion in financial support from the US Research and Development Authority to produce and distribute the vaccine in the fall. The development program includes third-phase clinical trials with 30,000 volunteers and a pediatric test. The company says it will provide 100 million instalments in the UK.

Source: RES-EIA


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