Britain: Thoughts for gradual working hours after Lockdown

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The establishment of a step-by-step working schedule in the context of the relaxation of measures against the spread of corona is under consideration in Britain.

“Businesses may be required to adopt a step-by-step schedule for their employees when the lockdown is lifted,” British Transport Minister Grant Shapps told the BBC, adding that the move would help prevent many simultaneous movements and avoid overcrowding.

Mr Shapps said more buses and trains would be operational after the measures were eased, but hoped cycling and walking would be encouraged.

At the same time, he mentioned the fact that he oversees the isolation of people travelling to the United Kingdom from abroad.

Social distancing is difficult

Railways said last month that social distancing of any kind would be “extremely difficult” to manage and policing and could reduce the capacity of a single train between 70% and 90%.

Mr Shapps said the government was considering a range of options for moving workers, including encouraging “active travel” such as cycling or walking.

“There are a number of different things we can do, including scalable working hours in partnership with businesses and organizations,” he said.

He added that he is working with railway companies and unions to maintain the rules of social distance on platforms and bus stops.

Hand sanitizer could also be used to introduce one-way systems for passengers, he said in another Sky News interview.


On Thursday, the British government will reconsider restrictions and measures against the spread of corona.

Businesses have called for an immediate plan to gradually lift measures as many say weeks are needed to prepare for a resumption of operations.

Business groups and unions have received a draft government guidelines for a safe return to work and are expected to be put in place.


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