Catering: May 25 bars, restaurants, cafes open – The “yes” of infectious disease specialists

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The opening of restaurants and cafes on May 25 was approved by the committee of experts.

The government had asked the Health Committee of Experts to consider opening restaurants, cafes, etc. earlier than June 1, as originally decided, provided, of course, that epidemiological data on the development of the pandemic allow it.

The main assessment of the government is that with the experience so far we observe that where we have the opening of economic and social activity in an organized way and in compliance with health rules, the results are positive.

The lifting of the restrictive measures in place to address the pandemic continues, always taking into account the epidemiological data and the opinion of experts and adhering to all measures to protect public health.

The main goal is to gradually but steadily return to a new daily routine.

The most specific rules of operation of the stores will be announced by the competent Deputy Minister of Development & Investments, Mr Nikos Papathanasis tomorrow, Sunday, May 17, at 18:00 by ERT.


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