Catering: Restaurant movement is subdued, satisfying in cafes

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Everything literally went smoothly on the first day of operation of the stores.

Most of the shops complied with the distances and protection measures and served the customers with great care and of course wearing the necessary ones.

The traffic in the shops elsewhere was satisfactory for the first day, as for example in Athens several shops were “filled”, while elsewhere the traffic was sluggish, as people are still numb from the until recently hard quarantine.

Catering: Restaurant movement is subdued, satisfying in cafes

In any case, no matter which store you went to, the safety rules were strictly observed in small and large shops in the capital.

The new decoration on the tables of the shops did not go unnoticed, as in addition to what we are used to, the antiseptic or small labels that remind us to stay safe have been added.

The image that prevailed yesterday in the stores

“People came out and, as my colleagues have informed me, the restaurants and leisure shops in Patras have had a lot of work since the morning,” Spyros Stergiou, president of the association’s department store, told the Athenian / Macedonian News Agency, describing the situation in the city. on the first day of reopening of catering and leisure businesses.

As Spyros Stergiou points out, “the big bet now is to observe the health measures, because, in addition to the responsible attitude of the professionals, the help of the people is needed” while emphasizing that “for us the protection of the health of our customers is paramount”.

Catering: Restaurant movement is subdued, satisfying in cafes

Also, the president of the association of shopkeepers adds that “the day started with anxiety”, because, as he explains, “it was too late for the Government Gazette to arrive with the final instructions, regarding the health protocols and the provisions for the expansion of table seats in the cities.” but also the regulations on the seashore “.

In fact, regarding the expansion of the table seats, he underlines that “we will always operate with the aim of always not obstructing the operation of the city and to have a comfortable passage for everyone”.

Also, regarding the operation of shops on the seashore, Spyros Stergiou states that “there is an ongoing process since the licenses must be sent by the Municipality to the real estate service, in order to follow the necessary control”.

What applies since yesterday for bars, stools, stands

It is recalled that new clarifications for the operation of restaurants are provided by a circular of the Ministry of Development and Investment, in the aftermath of yesterday’s “opening” of cafes, restaurants and bars.


-On the inner semi-outdoor surface is the space that must have a side or sides in contact with an outdoor area or patio, which has frames (doors, articulated windows, windows, etc.), which can be opened or removed. In the “inner semi-outdoor area” the windows, doors and articulated windows should be kept constantly open during the operation of the store, so as to ensure proper ventilation of the space. In the “indoor semi-outdoor area” only fan operation is allowed.

Catering: Restaurant movement is subdued, satisfying in cafes

-If a store has openings on the same side, some of which are higher than 2 m and others larger than 1 m, the depth of the inner semi-outdoor surface is calculated with a factor of 1.6 in the projection to the inner side of the openings with a height greater than 2 m. And with a coefficient of 0.8 in the projection to the inner side of the openings with a height greater than 1 m.

-If a store serves the maximum number of seated customers within the Total Beneficial Permitted Operating Area (SOEEL) and if it has not exceeded the maximum number of customers allowed by its operating license, it can serve up to five customers simultaneously and take away observing the other conditions with respect to distances.

-A stool may be placed in front of the bar so that customers can sit under the restrictions and distances that apply to the tables.

In addition:

-It is allowed to place stands in the shops with the possibility that the customers do not occupy chairs (therefore they stand upright), provided that the distances that apply to the table seats are observed.

-Stops installed in galleries that develop the table seats or stands in the gallery space are understood as placed in an open space. In this case, the health protocols that apply to other catering companies with mandatory use of fans are observed.

Catering: Restaurant movement is subdued, satisfying in cafes

-The ratio of bathers per square meter defined in article 1 of No. D1a / GP.oik. 31972 / 22.5.2020 Joint Ministerial Decision (Β (1982), concerns only the organized beaches that have a controlled entrance. The other rules, regarding the distances between umbrellas, etc., remain in force for all organized beaches.

It is worth noting that the catering stores started operating today, Monday, after three months of mandatory “padlock”.

The resumption, however, is accompanied by a number of protection measures, such as the existence of table seats only in outdoor or semi-outdoor areas, the observance of distances between tables, the imposition of a maximum customer limit, the mandatory use of a mask for staff, etc.


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