Catering stores: All the rules for their operation

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The owners of catering stores are feverishly preparing for the long-awaited opening that will take place on Monday, May 25, a week earlier than planned.

After more than two months of padlock, the situation for the industry is difficult. There are many things that weigh on the pockets of shopkeepers: lost turnover, discarded products, rents, accumulated debts are the problems of the lockdown period.

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Added to this are new measures to be taken, costs for plexiglass facilities and renovations, staff pay and possible cuts, as well as a return to reality with fewer customers.

And while the anxiety about the upcoming opening is great, there have been official announcements about the rules of operation of health stores.

Specifically, on Monday, May 25, they will resume:

· Restaurant and mobile catering services activities,

· Beverage activities and

· Kart track services.

Terms and conditions

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Nikos Papathanasis, referred to the specific conditions and rules, on the basis of which the stores of health interest abroad and inside can operate.


· The current ratio is one (1) customer per two (2) sq.m. total useful allowable operating area.

· The total allowable operating area results from the sum of the area of ​​the outdoor surface and the internal semi-outdoor surface, mainly space.

· The outdoor surface is the area of ​​the surface outside the physical store while the inner semi-outdoor surface is the surface inside the store where table seats can be developed.

· The possibility of using the internal semi-outdoor surface arises when there is a side or sides of the space with an opening in contact with outdoor space or patio.

· Depending on the opening of the side, space can be used in-depth at a rate of 80% to 160% of the width of the opening.

Catering stores: All the rules for their operation
Catering stores: All the rules for their operation
Catering stores: All the rules for their operation

· Determined as the minimum distance between the tables according to the layout of the seats from 0.70 cm to 1.70 cm

· Maximum allowed number of people sitting at a table is six (6). There is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.

· Finally, depending on the job of the staff, there is an obligation to use a mask or face shield, while a recommendation also applies to customers.

The distances of the tables

Catering stores: All the rules for their operation

Catering stores: All the rules for their operation

Catering stores: All the rules for their operation
Protection measures for catering staff

Catering stores: All the rules for their operation

What applies to the development of table seats

It is located at the gates the regulation that will give the possibility of expansion to the stores of health interest (KYE) to develop their table seats in common areas, which will be submitted to Parliament tomorrow, by the Minister of Interior, Takis Theodorikakos.

The goal of the government and the Ministry of the Interior, with the provisions of the amendment, which will run until 31 December 2020, is to reduce the impact on restaurants of the measures taken to prevent the deadly pandemic.

This amendment provides for the possibility of expanding, free of charge, up to 100% of the common space where table seats are developed, provided that this is possible and provided that unimpeded passage of pedestrians and people with disabilities is ensured.

Catering stores: All the rules for their operation

It is also possible for the Municipalities, under certain conditions, to walk for certain hours or even the whole day, specific roads in order to give more space for the development of table seats in restaurants, or to create pedestrian, bicycle or mild traffic corridors.

In cases of violations, such as the arbitrary occupation of a common area, fines are imposed equal to the corresponding fee for the area of ​​illegal use and in case of recurrence up to three months of removal of the store’s license.

Finally, for the cases of stores where it is not possible to provide additional space, the Municipalities are given the opportunity to reduce the fees up to 50%.

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“The focus will open, unexpectedly, next Monday, the 25th of the month,” said Interior Minister Theodoros Livanios, speaking to ANT1, referring to Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Nikos Papathanasis for the detailed rules of operation of the stores.

The Undersecretary of the Interior explained that those who own restaurants can expand their table seats for free until December 31, in order to increase their number to pre-meter levels.

For owners who do not have the ability to increase their table seats, they will have a reduction in fees of up to 50%.


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