Catering stores open on Monday 25 May

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The “green light” for the government to open earlier, on May 25, the restaurants, cafes, etc. were given by the Health Committee of the experts. Experience to date shows that where we have the opening of economic and social activity in an organized way and in compliance with health rules, the results are positive.

The lifting of the restrictive measures in place to combat the pandemic continues, always taking into account the epidemiological data and the opinion of experts and adhering to all measures to protect public health, so that with gradual but steady steps we can return to a new daily life.

The government and the scientists were concerned about the possibility of opening the restaurants earlier than planned, as the initial planning that was announced wanted the restaurant to open on June 1st. However, the overcrowding in the squares seems to be changing and hastening the opening of restaurants.

According to the report, Kyriakos Mitsotakis had requested at the teleconference with the Committee of Infectious Diseases of the Ministry of Health, on May 11, to consider the possibility of opening the catering industry on May 25. Specifically, Mr Mitsotakis, based on the same information, had asked the Committee of Infectious Diseases Commissioners to decide whether the conditions are in place for the catering industry to finally open in its entirety, one week earlier than the original plan.


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