CoC decision for church attendance in primary and kindergartens

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By Ioanna Mandrou

The church attendance of students in kindergartens and primary schools, as well as the morning prayer, are not contrary to the constitution and are legally provided for, according to a decision of the Plenary Session of the Council of State.

The Plenary Session of the Supreme Court ruled on the application of parents seeking the annulment of a 2017 Presidential Decree on the “organization and operation of kindergartens and primary schools”, in part to provide for the joint prayer of kindergarten teachers and teachers. of primary schools, as well as in the part that provides for the possibility of church attendance of students in the context of specific holidays.

The Plenary Session of the Supreme Court of Cassation, chaired by FC President Athanasios Rando and rapporteur by State Counselor Paraskevi Brami, ruled that which serve the constitutional purpose of the development of the religious consciousness of the Greeks according to article 16 paragraph 2 of the Constitution “.

And State Councilors note that “as a result, these provisions are addressed exclusively to students who embrace the Orthodox Christian doctrine and not to heterodox, non-religious or atheist students”, for whom the Court recognizes the possibility of their release. church service and morning prayer

“without any adverse consequences, as long as their parents submit a statement that they do not wish, for reasons of religious conscience, for their children to participate in prayer and church service.”


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