Commercials, malls and department stores open on Monday

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Entrepreneurs operating in the country’s major shopping malls are already embarking on a road race, following the “green light” given by Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis for the opening of the mall on Monday.

Market participants say they are satisfied but also surprised, as the opening of the department stores was scheduled for two weeks later.

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“Greenlight” from experts

Speaking to ERT, Adonis Georgiadis pointed out that the Committee of Infectious Diseases Specialists considered that the epidemiological course of the corona allows the opening of these department stores.

“The return to normalcy is fast,” he said, adding that on May 18, along with the malls and shopping malls, zoos and botanical gardens will open.

By what rules will the malls open?

In view of the opening, the rules for the operation of department stores are expected. The working group working on the framework was already meeting until late Friday night.

The information states that, among other things, the rules will provide for the use of a mask inside the entire mall, due to the special use of air conditioners, as well as the use of 20 sqm per person.

The background

According to the information, mall managers did not know that such a development was expected, nor chains that maintain stores in the malls.

However, the issue was raised for discussion, especially after the opening of other related commercial spaces.

Pressure from catering entrepreneurs

With this move, the expectations for a faster opening of both cafes and restaurants with tables only outdoors are strengthened, since they were also included together with the shopping centres in the “fourth stage” of reopening the market.

Of course, in recent statements, the Undersecretary of Development clarified that cafes and restaurants will open on June 1 and not earlier. However, it is a fact that the pressure of catering entrepreneurs on the government will increase after the opening of department stores.

After all, in the malls, there are restaurants and cafes that will also push to roll up.

Shots from SYRIZA

SYRIZA has issued a statement criticizing the government’s decision to open the department stores from next Monday.

As he notes: “Another case of outrageous contradiction in the many measures and weights of the government for the restart after the quarantine: On Monday, the big department stores, known for business interests, will open aron-aron, where the coronaio probably does not stick.

At the same time, however, small restaurants with hundreds of thousands of employees remain closed and at their mercy. Where the corona is obviously stuck, at least until June 1st.

“We expect Mr Mitsotakis to tell us again how much he cares about small and medium-sized businesses.”


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