Corona: Study overturns data on immunity

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A person who has been diagnosed with coronavirus and has acquired antibodies could get sick again in six months, according to new research that sees the light of day.

For more than 35 years, scientists at the University of Amsterdam have regularly examined ten men in four types of coronavirus that cause the common cold.

Most participants – between the ages of 27 and 66 – contracted the virus again within three years, with the study concluding that “Covid-19 protection is short-lived.”

“We found a frequent recurrence 12 months after infection and a significant reduction in antibody levels six months later,” the study said.

Corona: Study overturns data on immunity

The “immunity passports”

According to a post by him SkyNews, between 1985 and 2020, subjects were tested at intervals of three or six months. The researchers found that high levels of antibodies “were never maintained in the next phase.”

Scientists are therefore sceptical of so-called “immunity passports.”

The head of Heathrow Airport supported the circulation of passports, saying that it is a necessary measure to plan their holidays safely. He stressed that he was in contact with public health agencies in Britain to find out how they could be part of a comprehensive control at airports.

However, the World Health Organization has warned governments not to use passports to ease restrictions simply because they believe some people have antibodies.


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