Coronios- Hardalias: On Monday we did not finish with Coronios

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“Everyday life is more complex. On Monday we pass to the second phase. And we will have new cases. We are preparing. On Monday, we did not finish with the corona “, said Mr Hardalias in new statements made by the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias during the established briefing of the Ministry of Health on the course of the coronation pandemic in Greece.

“Greece has done well and has become a positive example,” he said, less than 48 hours before lifting some measures to reduce the population.

Where is the mask mandatory from Monday?

Mr Hardalias reiterated where the mask is mandatory.

From Monday, the mask is mandatory for citizens in public transport and taxis, elevators, hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centres, said Mr Hardalias.

He also said that the mask is mandatory for public transport workers, supermarkets and grocery stores that manage non-standard food, in clinics, hospitals, diagnostic centres, as well as in hairdressers and beauty salons.

Mr Hardalias said that “citizens and the state mechanism are preparing for our new daily life, which will be more complex, as the gradual lifting of measures should not jeopardize what we have achieved so far.” On Monday we pass to the second phase with the invisible enemy always present, he noted further.

He stressed the need to faithfully follow all the rules that govern our new daily lives. “We are trying, we are preparing so that the health system can deal with the situation in the new phase as well,” he stressed, adding that the situation remains critical and our stay on alert and vigilant is imperative.


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