Costas Gavras: Maybe what we are living today may be the cause or the reason for the world to change

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The well-known director Costas Gavras was also in the company of George Dalaras, sending with the help of technology – since he lives and works in France – his own message to all Greeks.

“My George, you give the courage. With your song. Music gives courage “, said the well-known director who makes Greece proud.

“It’s been a year and a half since I saw Mikis. We spent a night together and I hope he continues to think as he thinks. And I hope one more thing. The Japanese have something good for adults. They say “it’s a national treasure”. I think Mikis is a national treasure. This idea must become official “, he stressed regarding the great Mikis Theodorakis.

Commenting on the difficult times we are going through, Mr Gavras said that “I went through the era of the Occupation. It was the worst of all. Now we are going through a very bad period in the world. The truth is that the world has changed a lot and the world needs to change a lot. Maybe what we are living through today is the cause or the reason for the world to change. Leaders need to change the world. And the youngest, like the Greek leaders, must come forward for this change. Because we have the right and need. ”


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