Countdown to free movement on all the islands of the country

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The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, officially announced the release of travel to and from all the islands from Monday, May 25th.

As he said, they should be done in compliance with the new rules that apply to ferry transport and have already been applied since yesterday on the ships of Crete.

“Travel to the islands is allowed from May 25,” he said, confirming the positive scenario of a good epidemiological picture that allowed the relevant committee to turn on the “green light”.

It is noted that until Sunday, May 24, interregional travel is allowed, as well as travel to and from Crete and Evia. The move to the other islands will be allowed from May 25, if the good epidemiological picture continues.

On Monday, the decisions for the primary schools

Referring to the reopening of primary schools, Mr Hardalias said that “we had said that they would open on June 1, but the final decisions will be announced on Monday”.

He clarified that the restaurants will open on Monday, May 25.


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Critical decisions for the opening of primary schools


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