Diagnostic tests for Covid-19 in a Retirement Home in N. Makri

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Attica Regional Governor and ISA President G. Patoulis went today to the “Bethany” Retirement Home in N. Makri, where diagnostic tests for Covid-19 were performed on all the elderly and staff of the structure, by the mobile team of specialized doctors and nurses. of the Attica Region and the ISA.

A total of 8 out of 15 Mobile Mobile Groups have been activated in the House, which is staffed by specialized Physicians (Pulmonologists, Pathologists, General Practitioners and Cardiologists), as part of the “HERMES” business plan of the Attica Region and.

Mr Patoulis was accompanied by the Coordinator of the Crisis Management Team of the Region and responsible for the implementation of the program, P. Efstathiou.

Mr Patoulis was received by the former Director of the structure, G. Zouraikat, and the staff of the Retirement Home. In total, the mobile medical team, taking the necessary precautions and with full equipment, took a sample of nasopharyngeal smear, from 83 people.

In his statements, the Attica Regional Governor and President of ISA G. Patoulis stressed the following:

“The mobile teams of the Attica Region and the ISA in collaboration with EODY, started their work, with today’s sampling for Covid-19, the staff and the elderly who belong to the vulnerable population and are hosted here at the Bethany Retirement Home. This is an action in the direction of strengthening prevention, which is our main goal, especially in the care units for the elderly. At this point, I would like to emphasize that we are the only country that has not had any loss of life in such structures, unlike other European countries where unfortunately 50% of mortality was recorded in elderly care units. We will continue to assist in a specialized and targeted way the national effort to stop the epidemic and protect the health of the citizens “.

Mr Efstathiou pointed out the following:

Today we had the pleasure to visit together with Mr Patoulis the Retirement Home, “Bethania” which is one of the largest care units for the elderly in Attica, in order to closely monitor one of the most important actions of the Attica Region and ISA. Our mobile units took shots at 83 people belonging to vulnerable groups. We will continue our work based on the directions we will have from the Attica Region.

Source: RES-EIA


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