Disinfections in high schools of the Municipality of Athens – Supplied with antiseptics and disinfectants

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Disinfections continue in the building complexes that house the high schools of the Municipality of Athens to safely welcome students and teachers of the 3rd Lyceum, as they will return to classes on Monday, May 11th.

Also, in all high schools, the necessary cleaners and disinfectants are distributed (bleach, antiseptics, general disinfectants and hand soap). In the coming days, the disinfection will continue in the other school complexes, which, according to the Ministry of Education, will reopen on May 18.

“The whole mechanism of the municipality has been mobilized for the next phase, of coexistence with the virus. In addition to all our responsibilities, we have a duty to ensure the safety of students and the preparation of the places that will receive them. By all means, in every way we have “, said the mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis.


“My child didn’t shoot, he doesn’t have gunpowder in his hands,” says the 30-year-old’s father.

The next day: Do we apply the Swedish model or the golden section of the best approaches?


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