At the disposal of the Athenians from tomorrow National Garden and Lycabettus

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As part of the decisions of the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Organization, the Municipality of Athens announces its areas of responsibility, which will begin to operate gradually from tomorrow, Monday, May 4.


From 6 in the morning tomorrow and for the hours that were always valid for each point, all the parks and green spaces such as the National Garden, the Plato Academy, the access to Lycabettus etc. will be open again.

Also, observing all the rules of the health training protocol, the Organization of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA) proceeds, from the day after Tuesday, May 5, to reopen for free individual trainings by appointment of the following:

1. Grava Track and Field Sports Center (entry to up to 15 people per hour will be allowed),

  • Tel: 210 2287506

2. Tennis Stadium

  • In Rouf, Piraeus & Echelidon, tel .: 210 3421260
  • In Ellinorosoon, Krimnitsis square, tel .: 210 6711016
  • In Goudi, G. Papandreou and Kanellopoulou, tel .: 210 7771990
  • In Ano Patisia, Mitsaki & Polyla, tel .: 210 2025634

The Sports Center and the tennis courts will be open from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 21:00 by appointment, which will be closed by telephone. The duration of each athlete’s stay at the Track and Field Sports Center will not exceed one hour.

The Municipality of Athens has taken all the necessary measures to comply with the hygiene conditions and the rules of safe operation of these areas.


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