Douro for PPA: The dilemmas of “development or environment” are false and disorienting

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Rena Dourou is mentioned in the Environmental Impact Study of the PPA for the southern pier of Piraeus. The project to expand the Southern Pier in the port of Piraeus is not just an “internal issue of Piraeus”. It is a matter of the utmost importance, of a supra-local nature, which concerns the country’s economy and national security. It is an issue that goes beyond micro-class strategies and personal strategies. It concerns Greece’s position in the geopolitical system of the south-eastern Mediterranean basin, it is related to its role as a gateway to the European Union “, the Head of” Power of Life “emphasizes in a statement.

“It simply came to our notice then. It requires management with a sense of responsibility to safeguard the public interest. The Administration of the Force of Life in the Attica Region has always operated with this in mind. That is why we have chosen a series of important investments in Piraeus, from infrastructure projects to the Eternal Gate. Always proposing public interest. In this context, the current dilemmas of the “development or environment” type are false and disorienting. Because for the development of the place, investments are required that respect the environment, the Constitution of the country and the rights of the workers. These are the investments for sustainable development that our children’s future requires, “he added.

“In the direction of the safety valves in favour of the environment, the licensing of the relevant projects such as this one are operating – the issue of the risk of toxic sediments at the bottom of the port of Piraeus, which was revealed due to the deposit by the Piraeus Port Authority (PPA) Environmental Impact Study only last November. “They are not” obstacles “,” obstacles “or occasions for micro-politics, as unfortunately was shown by the last announcement of the Regional Governor” continues Mrs Dourou.

“So today the Regional Council is called upon to make an important decision. The Management of the Region is called upon to finally rise to the occasion and to contribute to the creation of the conditions so that a work of the highest national importance for the place is implemented with respect for the environment, the laws, the employees. As befits a democratic State. We call on the Regional Council to adopt the terms and proposals of the unanimous decision of the Board of Directors of the Municipality of Piraeus for the revision of the Environmental Impact Study of the PPA and its transformation into a Strategic Environmental Impact Study. In this way, the Regional Council will carry out the mission of the Local Government, now calling on the government to assume its responsibilities, “he added.

“In conclusion, given the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the strategy of the new European Union, given the fact that countries like Spain have declared a state of emergency, our country cannot move forward. with the logic of the 1950s and under the pretext of the recession to promote a false “growth”, mining the lives and property of the citizens. The price of these logics is high and unfortunately, the recent national tragedies have left their mark. No one can invoke ignorance anymore. This project must proceed on those terms that will not threaten the health of our children. These are hours of responsibility, “he said.


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