Health Committee: Everything you need to know about using a mask in public places

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The main guidelines for public health measures and the use of a mask in areas where access will be free from Monday, May 4, are listed by the Health Committee.

According to public health guidelines (hand hygiene, distance, use of a mask), the measures apply to the main categories of public spaces such as offices, schools, universities, tuition centres, places of worship, catering, shops, the media. Transportation, taxis, elevators, other open spaces, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centres, retail stores, hairdressers and beauty salons.

In detail, since Monday, when the measures for the gradual return to normalcy come into force, the government has issued tables with instructions for Public Health (hand hygiene, distance, use of a mask) in the basic categories of public spaces.

Specifically, the main role will be played by the distance between people, the healthy hands in all areas, the use of medical masks in many cases, and the gathering of a limited number of people indoors.

The distance between people is a minimum of 1.5 meters, elevators are allowed up to 40% occupancy, the use of a medical mask is mandatory for staff in shops, public transport, restaurants, hospitals and hairdressers, while for the public it is mandatory in public transport elevators and hospitals.

Instructions have also been issued for the proper use of a mask (medical and non-medical) which is the “key” to its effectiveness, as well as for the construction of a non-medical mask.

The use of a non-medical mask in employees becomes mandatory when working in supermarkets, dining areas, non-standard food management areas (butchers, fish shops, patisseries, etc.) and those who work in workplaces where occupations cannot be observed. .x. public transport). Those who work in hospitals, health centres and diagnostic centres use a medical mask.

Finally, it should be noted that the use of a non-medical mask is a complementary measure and does not replace the basic rules of protection.

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Because the next 15 days are crucial for controlling the pandemic

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