Exclusive: The British former “Tsiodras” at MEGA

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In a revealing interview with MEGA, former British Prime Minister Sir David King points out the mistakes that cost the lives of thousands of Britons, while praising Greece for its anti-corona measures. At the same time, the British scientist notes that the vaccine is very close.

As for when Britain will return to normalcy, Mr King points out that it will take more than 3 or 6 months or more. “We may have to wait until the vaccine is found.”

On what needs to be done to ease the situation in Britain, he said: “The British government has never responded as directly as the Greek government. We are coming out of this crisis with a very large number of cases, while we have exceeded 27,000 deaths. ”

“When I was chief scientific adviser, I carried out the largest research program on infectious diseases. It took us two and a half years to produce a report on the government, which was published in 2006. In that report, we concluded that a pandemic was about to break out. In 2010, the new government of David Cameron imposed measures in the context of the economic crisis, “said King.

The credit in Greece

According to him, “the Greek Prime Minister had a clear picture that the goal was to neutralize the virus, but also to reduce the number of deaths in Greece while acknowledging that there would be a serious economic impact on the country’s development. The scientific advisor (S. Tsiodras) and the consultant who is in London (H. Mosialos), provided the right advice for the necessary steps for the management of the pandemic. These measures have contributed to the position that Greece holds today, as a model country in Europe, for the way it handled the pandemic “.

The vaccine

He also referred to the dangers of using a mask, noting that “the biggest risk in using a mask is that one can be complacent”.

Speaking about the vaccine, and whether it would be safe for the population, King said: “I am convinced that after four months of intensive clinical trials, the vaccine will be effective for coronavirus in its current form.”


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