Final: Olympiacos is the women’s volleyball champion

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This year’s women’s Volleyleague championship was also painted “red and white”, as on Wednesday (20/5) EOPE, with a unanimous decision of its board of directors, ratified the score that had been formed before the suspension of the championship due to the corona.

The Red and Whites were at the top with 20 wins in as many games and were at +8 from the second AO Thira. Another year that Olympiacos was the absolute leader in women’s volleyball, with the federation validating the score and the team from the big port winning the championship for the 8th consecutive season.

With this championship, Olympiacos breaks the series of seven victories that Panathinaikos had from 2005 to 2011. In 2012, AEK had won the title and from 2013 until this year, the team of Piraeus dominates.

In fact, the Red and Whites do not have only 7 consecutive championships, but seven consecutive doubles this year, if the final four of the cup takes place, they will have the opportunity to make the “8 in 8”. Another great distinction for Olympiacos, which has dominated women’s volleyball in recent years.

From there on, the current Board of Directors of EOPE decided that the promotions in all categories will be valid, while only the teams that lost the math category, such as Ilioupoli, will be relegated.

Now, it remains to be seen what will happen to the Men’s Volleyleague, with the Board of Directors of ESAP (organizing authority) set for next Friday, May 22, 2020.

1971: Panathinaikos
1972: Panathinaikos
1973: Panathinaikos
1974: Ζ.Α.Ο.Ν.
1975: Z.A.O.N.
1976: Z.A.O.N.
1977: Panathinaikos
1978: Panathinaikos
1979: Panathinaikos
1980: Ζ.Α.Ο.Ν.
1981: Z.A.O.N.
1982: Panathinaikos
1983: Panathinaikos
1984: Athlete
1985: Panathinaikos
1986: Athlete
1987: Athlete
1988: Panathinaikos
1989: Ionian N.F.
1990: Panathinaikos
1991: Panathinaikos
1992: Panathinaikos
1993: Panathinaikos
1994: Ionian N.F.
1995: Vrilissia
1996: Vrilissia
1997: Vrilissia
1998: Panathinaikos
1999: Vrilissia
2000: Panathinaikos
2001: Panhellenic
2002: Panhellenic
2003: Athlete
2004: Vrilissia
2005: Panathinaikos
2006: Panathinaikos
2007: Panathinaikos
2008: Panathinaikos
2009: Panathinaikos
2010: Panathinaikos
2011: Panathinaikos
2012: Α.Ε.Κ.
2013: Olympic
2014: Olympic
2015: Olympic
2016: Olympic
2017: Olympic
2018: Olympic
2019: Olympic
2020: Olympic


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