Focus: How to order, protection measures – All changes from Monday

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The owners of the restaurants that have been rolling rolls again after two months, but under new operating data and with strict rules, have indulged in a road race, due to the pandemic of corona.

The shopkeepers have placed more emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting the premises, while they are proceeding with the configuration of the table seats which are reduced in order to observe the necessary distances.

One customer per 2 sq.m. will be allowed, while up to six people will sit at each table unless it is a family with minor children.

At the same time, the use of a mask for the staff will be mandatory and optional for the customers, while there will also be the use of antiseptics.

Menu via mobile

Very inventive some shopkeepers try to make customers feel safe. New ways of ordering are coming to the aid of health rules. According to MEGA, in some stores, the customer will be able to see the menu on his mobile phone as soon as he connects to the company’s internet.

Most restaurants, cafes and bars may be ready to open on Monday, but their owners have made no secret of their concern for the next day.

Entrepreneurs are calling for stronger support measures, noting that the situation is very difficult and that they may be forced to make redundancies and padlocks.

And in Thessaloniki, the key to the door is the entrepreneurs who are preparing to welcome the first customers. The closing of the three months has also increased the impatience of the people of Thessaloniki who we have been seeing for days filling the beach and the squares.

Focus: How to order, protection measures - All changes from Monday

On June 15, the interiors will open

According to the Minister of Development and Investments, Ad. Georgiadis, the indoor spaces in the restaurants will be open until June 15. “The goal of the Ministry of Development is to give the opportunity to all catering entrepreneurs to operate. To be fair to those who can’t function without the interiors “, said the minister, speaking to SKAI

Mr Georgiadis then said there would be tax breaks for property owners.

The recession will be lower than expected, while the recovery will be faster than expected.

Regarding the return on the advance, he said that more companies will now be able to join, as the April turnover will be included.

Restart driver

In this context, the Unified Food Control Agency (EFET) in collaboration with the Association of Greek Food Industries (SEVT) and the Hellenic Association of Organized Catering Companies (EPOES) issued the “Guide to Restarting Exercises for the purpose of Mass Catering” adjustment instructions in the context of the new reality created by COVID-19 disease. The guidelines are based on the analysis of the virus’s risk profile for restaurants and on best practices as reflected in international and national recommendations.

It is noted that the procedures and areas of employment where COVID-19 may be exposed are: supply and receipt of raw materials and packaging materials, storage and transport in the processing area, food processing/food/kitchen preparation (back of the store), lunch ( utensils for washing dishes), delivery for delivery, sales/service, attendance and departure of staff, suspicious / confirmed case to staff, visit and stay of external workshops and associates/visitors/control bodies, offices (use of common tools, visit treatment), toilets and staff rest areas.

More detailed guidelines for business executives include the following:

– Avoid congruence and compliance with the requirements of “distance” by rearranging the workplace and reorganizing the table seats of outdoor and indoor spaces based on the recommendations of the competent bodies.

– Formation of a program of gradual origin/departure of employees by creating working groups so that there is limited interaction between them.

– Formation of a program of controlled access of the employees of the company in common areas (break spaces, locker rooms, baths, toilets, etc.)

Focus: How to order, protection measures - All changes from Monday

– Cash transactions: 1. Encouragement of intact transactions, 2. Installation of antiseptic in the place of the cashier and in the place of the customer, 3. Installation of marking on the floor to limit distances to avoid customer queue formation and appointment of a supervisor, Placing plexiglas if necessary.

– Encourage customers and employees to use the stairs and avoid elevators as much as possible.

– Posting information-reminder signs for personal hygiene and preventive measures for all areas (proper use of gloves, mask, proper handwashing and keeping distance).

– Regulation of the attendance of third parties (associates, distributors, etc.) in the workplace in order to avoid overcrowding and to ensure the observance of the required distances and the use of individual protection measures.

– Informing drivers, suppliers, external partners, customers, visitors by any appropriate means for the instructions of the competent state authorities.

– Care for adequate ventilation (with emphasis on natural ventilation) of all areas and avoidance of congestion of persons indoors without adequate air renewal. Regular maintenance of ventilation/air conditioning systems is required.

– All-phase crews should enter the workplace using protective clothing (disposable plastic apron, masks and gloves).

– Care for an organized waste management program.

– Taking measures for the health and hygiene of staff, spaces and equipment. These measures include but are not limited to, the provision and supply of laundry detergents, hand dryers, antiseptic solutions, as well as clothing and gloves.

– Taking special measures for service, collection from the store (takeaway), distribution (delivery), suppliers and maintenance crews.

– It is necessary to train staff through written instructions on personal hygiene, hand washing, proper use of gloves and mask, avoidance of congestion as well as its guidance on the symptoms of the disease so that it is able to recognize them early and be able to seek medical attention and tests.

– If an employee shows symptoms compatible with COVID-19 disease, the person in charge of the operation must isolate the suspected incident, call the EODY for instructions, inform the other employees and take care of the disinfection of the workplace.

– It is necessary to strengthen the cleaning programs of the workstations because the surfaces can be sources of transmission of the virus. It must be ensured that all surfaces and common areas are cleaned frequently, ideally every two hours where possible. Cleaning/disinfection facilities include, but are not limited to, switches, door handles, ladder handrails, food contact surfaces, and staff/customer toilets.

Focus: How to order, protection measures - All changes from Monday

Focus: How to order, protection measures - All changes from Monday

What is the minimum distance between the tables

The minimum distance between the tables, according to the layout of the seats, should be from 0.70 million to 1.70 million.

It is noted that the maximum number of people sitting at a table is six. However, there is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.

Stores of health interest may operate outdoors and indoors under certain conditions.


-The current ratio is one (1) customer per two (2) sq.m. total useful allowable operating area.

-The total allowable operating area results from the sum of the area of ​​the outdoor surface and the internal semi-outdoor surface, mainly space.

-The outdoor surface is the area of ​​the surface outside the physical store while the inner semi-outdoor surface is the surface inside the store where table seats can be developed.

-The possibility of using the internal semi-outdoor surface arises when there is a side or sides of the space with an opening in contact with outdoor space or patio.

-Depending on the opening of the side, space can be used in-depth at a rate of 80% to 160% of the width of the opening.

-It is determined as the minimum distance between the tables according to the layout of the seats from 0.70 cm to 1.70 cm

-Maximum number of people sitting at a table is allowed (six). There is no limit in the case of a family with minor children.

-Finally, depending on the job of the staff, there is an obligation to use a mask or face shield, while a recommendation also applies to customers.


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