“For Katerina”: A symbolic road race for a great fighter

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Alexandros Georgiou, 573 km from Neapoli, Thessaloniki to Keratea, will run for the value of prevention and the memory of his wife Katerina, who died of a rare form of cancer.

In this way, he wants to honor his beloved Katerina, but also those who have been defeated by the incurable disease or are currently battling cancer. This voluntary event is also held for the relatives of all those who are suffering from cancer and with pain and patience, they stand tirelessly by the side of their own people.

“For Katerina” is not a racing event (road race) but an honorary-symbolic way of running with a social message. Katerina’s husband, Alexandros Georgiou, a long-distance runner, will run exclusively at the event.

Due to the pandemic of the corona, there is a request not to accompany Alexandros Georgiou, only to support him by following his route either by physical presence (always observing the safety distances) or via the Internet.

Katerina’s battle with cancer

Katerina Velonidou was born on January 1, 1979, in Thessaloniki and was a graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the Aristotle University, holding a Master’s Degree in Sports and Free Time Management (Loughborough University London).

She was a very positive and active person, a tireless athlete, a climber, a volunteer, a wife and a mother.

On November 22, 2018, Katerina was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in the 4th stage.

After the first cycle of three chemotherapy treatments, the first results were not as expected. Cancer had not shrunk, had appeared in her brain and had grown a little more in her lungs.

She was in a good mood and thought it would be a miracle. Doctors have increased her treatments, adding radiation and stronger doses of chemotherapy.

"For Katerina": A symbolic road race for a great fighter

Although this aggressive method was effective, her body weakened. Shortly afterwards, Katerina developed a bladder infection and a respiratory infection.

Exhausted by her immune system but not weakened, Katerina lost her battle with cancer on April 14, 2019, almost five months after the diagnosis.

The route

The 573 km of the route Neapoli Thessaloniki – Keratea follows the course of Katerina’s life from the city where she was born to the city where she lived with her husband and son. Alexandros Georgiou will run this route in eight days and will pass through nine cities.

The route is divided into eight areas:
• Neapoli – Corinth
• Korinos – Tempi
• Tempi – Velestino
• Velestino – Raches
• Stitches – Burnt Vourla
• Burnt Vourla – Akraifnio
• Akraifnio – Malakasa
• Malakassa – Keratea

"For Katerina": A symbolic road race for a great fighter

It starts on Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 05:00 a.m. and ends on Saturday, July 4, 2020. Due to the pandemic of Koronoi – COVID 19 and in order to avoid the risk of spreading the disease, please do not follow Alexander on his way, for reasons of public health protection, thus observing the preventive measures and restriction of the spread of the disease established by the government.
You can support the effort by encouraging Alexander with your presence along the way. As for the material support of Alexander and the team that will accompany him, most of the needs have been met.
The only pending issue at the moment is the accommodation. Anyone interested in supporting the effort in this way can contact 6974433243, 6974810277 or by sending an email to info@forkaterina.com. On the occasion of “For Katerina” and if you wish, you can directly support families who due to the disease have difficulty in their daily lives. You can also contribute personally, either financially or voluntarily, directly to anti-cancer organizations, institutions, palliative care units of your choice, without our mediation or suggestion.


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