“Fraula’s Full Moon” and lunar eclipse tonight

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The “Full Moon of Strawberry” will appear tonight in the sky, while we will also have an eclipse of the shadow of the Moon, a phenomenon in which the moon passes through the shadow of the Earth, ie the outer part of the shadow of our planet.

At the same time, there will be a full moon, the last of spring before the summer solstice on June 20.

During the eclipse, the Moon darkens slightly but not completely as in the normal eclipse. The phenomenon – if the weather allows – will be visible from most of Europe (and from Greece), Africa, Asia and Australia.

The eclipse lasted a total of three hours and 18 minutes. It reached its maximum in Athens at 22:25 (when more than 50% of the moon will be in the shadow of the Earth) and will end a few minutes after midnight.

This is the second eclipse this year, as it was preceded on January 10 by a lunar eclipse. This will be followed in 2020 by a solar eclipse on June 21, a lunar eclipse on July 5, a fourth lunar eclipse on November 30, and finally a total solar eclipse on December 14.

"Fraula's Full Moon" and lunar eclipse tonight

"Fraula's Full Moon" and lunar eclipse tonight

"Fraula's Full Moon" and lunar eclipse tonight


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