Free travel to the islands from Monday – What applies to ship and plane

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A new step towards normalcy will be taken from tomorrow, Monday, May 25. Beyond the reopening of restaurants and cafes -15 days earlier than originally estimated – the movement of citizens to the islands of the country is released, while domestic flights are expanded.

One week, after the free transition to Crete, the restrictions on travel to and from the rest of the country’s islands are lifted.

From the port of Piraeus for this day have been planned 7 ferry itineraries (two for Cyclades one for Chios Mytilene and four for Crete). One ship will leave Rafina for the Cyclades and three from Lavrio, two for Kea – Kythnos – Syros and one for Agios Efstratios – Lemnos – Kavala.

It is noted that the ships apply a new passenger protocol where each ship can accommodate only 50% of passengers unless it is a cabin ship with a rate of 55%.

Representatives of the shipping companies, speaking to the Athens Agency, said that for the first day of free travel to other islands, passenger bookings are at satisfactory levels, as many people with holiday homes in them were waiting for that date. However, they are concerned about whether this move will remain at the same level in the coming days.

Free travel to the islands from Monday - What applies to ship and plane

The protection measures

Before boarding, the passengers on the ferry will, in the context of the special instructions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases, will be thermometered, will complete a special questionnaire, while maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters in all traffic areas inside the ship. The questionnaire will be completed by passengers traveling longer than 30 minutes.

These questionnaires can be obtained either from travel agencies, or from the shipping companies themselves, or they can be downloaded from official website of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy. The completed questionnaires will be delivered by the passengers upon boarding of the ship’s crew.

In case of finding passengers who, based on the questionnaire, either show symptoms or have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient in any of the ways described in it in the last 14 days, boarding will not be allowed.

The questionnaire will be kept by the shipowner for two months from the date of receipt in accordance with the provisions of the current Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR).

Free travel to the islands from Monday - What applies to ship and plane

The ships also have a special arrangement for passengers in the air seats, a seated seat and an empty seat, adjacent, front and rear.

The use of each cabin will be permitted by one person unless they are first-degree relatives. In addition, all passengers and crew must wear a mask.

It is noted that the crews of the ferry have already been trained in order to be able to deal with any case of corona in a passenger, while the ships after each of their itineraries will be disinfected.

The Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Giannis Plakiotakis, in view of the free movement of citizens to the islands since Monday has stated that the protocols of passengers on ferry ships that are valid until 15/06 are monitored daily and in collaboration with scientists and when epidemiological data allow it will be re-evaluated.

Free travel to the islands from Monday - What applies to ship and plane

Detailed instructions for passengers

The instructions mainly concern:

  • Determining the maximum number of passenger passengers at 50% of the total number of passengers specified in the ship’s safety certificate, or at 55% if cabins are available.
  • Thermometry and the completion of a special health status questionnaire before boarding the ship and maintaining it with the care of the shipping company. The questionnaire will also be available on a special website.
  • The maintenance of a distance of 1.5 meters during boarding, disembarkation and in all areas of the ship.
  • The use of each cabin by one (1) person, unless it is a family (first-degree relatives), so it can be up to 4 people, or disabled with their companion.
  • The use of a mask (fabric is recommended) by passengers and crew members.
  • The special layout of the passengers in air seats (one seat occupied and one seat empty, adjacent, front and rear).
  • Thermometry and the submission of a special health declaration, before departure, for the passengers of international ferries on the lines Greece-Italy.
  • Informing passengers about the measures with a printed brochure of EODY, as well as information spots and audio messages.
  • Special crew training.
  • The application of rules of personal hygiene and protection and the existence of antiseptic stations in various parts of the ship.
  • Ship cleaning and disinfection.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning of ships.
  • The management of a suspicious incident (isolation in a special area, disembarkation at the next port which has the necessary capacity for its management, tracking of contacts, etc.).
    The rules of operation of passenger service points (bars, restaurants, dining rooms).

Free travel to the islands from Monday - What applies to ship and plane

Domestic flights will be expanded from Monday

At the same time, domestic flights will be extended from Monday, May 25.

Domestic flights have started to return to normal since May 18, the day when the restriction on travel to the province and Crete was lifted and will continue to increase from tomorrow when the restriction on other islands will be lifted. However, a further increase in flights is expected from June 1, when the 12-month hotels will open and from June 15, when the seasonal hotels will open.

According to the measures of the Athens Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” based on the instructions of the National Health Authorities, the meticulous observance of hand hygiene rules as well as respiratory hygiene, the use of a mask, the observance of distances, the careful cleaning and disinfection and disinfection. , especially where there is “contact”, are the basic condition for the protection of passengers and employees.

In fact, as far as the use of a mask is concerned, it is mandatory – from the moment the passenger enters the airport – as well as its maintenance during the stay at the airport. It is mandatory both during the boarding process and during the flight.

Free travel to the islands from Monday - What applies to ship and plane

Data on flights from May 25 to May 31 at Athens Airport

The available data so far for flights from tomorrow, May 25 to 31-5-2020, are as follows:

  • On 25-05-2020, 114 flights are planned, 19 foreign and 95 domestic. The countries of origin are: Italy, Qatar, Belgium, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Albania, Turkey, Germany, Lebanon.
  • On 26-05-2020 75 flights, 13 foreign and 62 domestic. The countries of origin are: Belgium, Germany, Cyprus, Austria, Lebanon.
  • On 27-05-2020 108 flights, 15 foreign and 93 domestic. The countries of origin are: Qatar, Germany, Egypt, Belgium, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Albania.
  • On 28-05-2020 85 flights, 11 foreign and 74 domestic. The countries of origin are: Cyprus, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria.
  • On 29-05-2020 108 flights, 16 foreign and 92 domestic. The countries of origin are: Qatar, Switzerland, Cyprus, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria.
  • On 30-05-2020 82 flights, 8 foreign and 74 domestic. The countries of origin are: Germany, Austria, USA.
  • On 31-05-2020 86 flights, 4 foreign and 82 domestic. The countries of origin are: Germany, Switzerland, Austria

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