Greece air bridge for tourists-What do the foreign media say

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 As the start of the tourist season is expected on June 1, many tourists say they intend to visit Greece for a safe holiday.

Foreign reports speak of the desire of tourists to visit Greece, especially after the opening of the borders without the imposition of quarantine on travellers.

As Tourism Minister Haris Theocharis told the BBC, the Greek government has demanded the free entry of those travelling from Greece to the United Kingdom.

The Times In a similar article, they write that Greece has proposed opening an “air bridge” with the United Kingdom to allow British holidaymakers to travel safely in the country without being subject to quarantine restrictions.

The Telegraph, respectively, states that the governments of Greece, Germany, France and Italy could open “air bridges” for UK holidaymakers, according to officials, as UK ministers were asked to reconsider the “confusing” 14-day quarantine plans.

Senior ministers or officials from the four countries have announced moves to lift travel restrictions, including on tourists from the United Kingdom next month, following Transport Minister Grant Shapps’ proposal for “air bridges” with other low-impact states. crown.

THE BILD On its front page, it stated that “in the summer it was saved” by some countries, among them Greece, which want to start the season. The newspaper points out that in Greece, tourism contributes 20.6% of GDP, providing employment to one million workers, while the Greek government intends to “open” the country to foreign visitors from July 1.

According to Die Welt, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas wanted to discuss with his colleagues from popular German holiday destinations how travel restrictions could be gradually eased due to a pandemic. Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Malta, Slovenia, Cyprus and Bulgaria took part in the video conference.

Indicative of the very positive climate that exists abroad for the possibility of holidays in Greece is the article of SZ. The text refers to an increase in bookings based on data available to travel agencies after the removal of travel restrictions.

Greece, Cyprus, but also … Mallorca

Speaking of BILD Friedrich Jussen, head of TUI, Germany’s largest tour operator, points out that “Germany must first open its borders. From there and beyond in the first place (of destinations) is certainly Mallorca. The hotels there have entered a trial period and can immediately start hosting guests. Greece, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria have made equally good preparations for summer tourism. And of course Austria and Denmark. ”

But what if an accident occurs in a hotel? Will quarantine be imposed on all visitors? “That’s exactly what we want to avoid,” says Jussen.

“In Greece, for example, there will be free hotels, so that visitors can be transferred there, in case they are infected with the virus.”

Greece in the foreign press

There were many tributes to the foreign press both for how well the Greek government handled the coronation and for the opening of the beaches and the season.

The media talked about the organization of the beaches and the strict observance of the measures to avoid the transmission of the virus.


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