Halkidiki: The beach of Nea Iraklia collapsed

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The entire coastal front of Nea Iraklia, Halkidiki, is in complete disarray, posing risks to the safety of the citizens and leading the settlement of the Municipality of Nea Propontida to economic decline.

The once-popular beach, which was an attraction for holidaymakers mainly from Thessaloniki, which is only 30 km away, is increasingly eroded day by day, due to the oligarchy of the competent authorities and the monster of the Greek bureaucracy.

Halkidiki: The beach of Nea Iraklia collapsed

The problem is located on the coastal front that extends from the borders of Epanomi (“Bonatsa-Douraki” area) to the borders of Kallikrateia (“Sahara” area), ie in an area of ​​about three kilometers with houses and shops.

As can be seen in the photos of GRTimes.gr, the image of the coast is dramatic, with the paved sidewalk in many places collapsing, filling the sea with rubble and the railings rusting. The result is that residents and visitors to the area are in danger of losing – literally – the land under their feet at any time.

Dramatic appeal of the residents

Serious problems and the danger to the safety of the citizens are reflected in the most brilliant way in the letter sent to the mayor of Nea Propontida by the committee of residents of the area.

As they report, “over the last 10 years, illegal and uncontrolled sandblasting, environmental interventions without an environmental study and untimely measures have exacerbated the phenomenon of coastal erosion.” In fact, they point out that in many places the sea has reached the limits of the road, which floods every time it rains, while it has penetrated the aquifer, with the result that the water becomes non-potable, trees dry up and their foundations are threatened. buildings.

“On a beautiful beach 20 years ago and earlier, as far as the natives, vacationers and visitors-tourists of the past remember, no one can swim in it without risk and has almost disappeared.

Shops that set tables for beachgoers lost their customers with huge financial implications for income, but most importantly, they are unshakable evidence of impending greater danger than any unsuspecting passer-by with the threat of bodily harm from leaving.

If all of the above is taken into account, the lack of lighting on most of the coastal road, which incidentally appears on the maps as “Anonymous”, the whole situation refers to complete indifference and abandonment “, emphasize the residents, who ask the competent authorities to take immediate action to address the problem.

History of bureaucratic madness

The problem of erosion has been known since at least 2005, when the then Municipality of Kallikratia decided to commission a study to determine the required works to reduce the phenomenon.

However, 15 years later, during which time the problem took on even greater proportions, permits for the implementation of the plan have not been issued.

In summary, the case is as follows:

12/12/2005: The Municipality of Kallikratia signs a contract with a private office for the elaboration of a relevant study. The supervisory authority is the Directorate of Public Works of the -then- Region of Central Macedonia (now Decentralized Administration of Macedonia – Thrace).

10/18/2007: The contractors submit the relevant studies – preliminary studies.

30/6/2008: The supervisory authority gives its opinion on the increase of the contractual object (the studied coastal front increased by 900 meters)

23/8/2010: The municipality submits the additional studies that have been considered by the supervisory authority to the Real Estate Service of the Prefecture of Halkidiki, in order to forward them to the co-competent services, which are few (Special Environment Service of the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Infrastructure, General Navy Staff, Archaeological Services, etc.)

14/9/2010: The Real Estate Service requests the delimitation of a seashore line in the areas “Delfinia” and “Akti Sozopolis”.

9/27/2011: After successive correspondences, the -now- Municipality of Nea Propontida transmits what was requested.

19/3/2012: The EIA is submitted.

11/29/2012: The Real Estate Service sends a document to the beach-beach determination committee to go to the points “Dolphins” and “Sozopol” on 12/18/2012.

Following is a series of documents from the municipality and the researchers to speed up the demarcation process. However, this is not progressing and erosion is progressing rapidly.

28/11/2017: Due to the delays, the designer requests the extension of the study to the positions “N. Heraklion “,” Camping Aegeas “and” Agricultural “and the reorganization of the Environmental Impact Studies, as the specifications have changed!

The current situation

Today, according to the services of the municipality, as reported by GRTimes.gr, the supervisory service and the designer are working together to compile the comparative table of work of the study for the re-elaboration of environmental studies for the areas “N. Heraklion “(coastline 1,700 meters),” Camping Aegeas “(800 m.),” Agricultural “(500 m.),” Dolphins “(550 m.) And” Sozopoli “(350 m.).

“It is the responsibility of the Decentralized Administration,” Mayor Manolis Karras told GRTimes.gr, acknowledging that the problem is very serious. “Now the seashore has been demarcated and we are waiting for the permits to be approved and for the service to instruct the designer to proceed. I found them, I found them again, but there was no response “, he added.

In addition to the worsening of the phenomenon, the delays have resulted in the loss of the funding provided for the implementation of the necessary projects, the cost of which is estimated at more than 5m euros.

Asked by GRTimes.gr about how the expenses will be covered, the mayor said that he has already contacted the Management Authority of the Region of Central Macedonia and personally with the governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas, in order to include the project in the NSRF.



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