Hamster tests prove the effectiveness of the masks

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Hummer tests reveal that the use of the mask greatly reduces the spread of the new corona, scientists from the University of Hong Kong announced today.

These studies are among the first to study whether the use of the mask can prevent symptomatic or asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19 disease from infecting other people.

Coordinated by Professor Yuen Kwok-Jung, a well-known scientist on the subject of the coronary artery, the researchers placed hamster cages that had previously been infected with the virus next to cages with healthy rodents.

Surgical masks were placed between the two cages, with air blowing from the sick animal cage to the healthy animal cage.

The results show that the transmission of the virus was reduced by more than 60% when the masks were in place. Two-thirds of healthy hamsters became infected within a week of the masks being removed.

The rate of infection decreased to just over 15% when the masks were placed in the cage of sick animals and to 35% when they were placed in the cage of healthy hamsters.

“It’s clear that the use of the mask in patients (() is more important than anything else,” Wayne told reporters.

“We already know that a large proportion of infected people have no symptoms, so universal use of the mask is really important,” he added.

Professor Yuen is one of the microbiologists who discovered the Sras virus when it appeared in 2003 and killed 300 people in Hong Kong. He had long been in favour of the use of the mask by the population.

Source: RES-EIA


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