Hardalias: Positive experience from opening high schools – Monday decision for Primary Schools

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The experience from the opening of the high schools and lyceums was positive, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management Nikos Hardalias stressed in the press conference for the course of the pandemic of the corona in Greece.

According to Mr Hardalias, the relevant committee discussed the start of operation, as well as the specifications that should be met, daycare centres for people with disabilities, creative employment centres for children, creative employment centres for children with disabilities. kindergartens and nurseries as well as camps, public and private.

The discussion focused on the opening of structures for people with disabilities, as their inclusion and deprivation, even for a short period of time, of creative employment, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and socialization services has a negative effect on their psycho-emotional health.

Based on the above, it was agreed to open these structures for the coming week with specific specifications that will respect the instructions of EODY regarding the distances to be maintained, the capacity, the rotating operation and the protection measures by virus for the escorts, which, as Mr Hardalias clarified, will be determined in the coming days.

As for the creative employment centres and kindergartens, they will follow the development of the schools, if they also open on the predetermined date, the Undersecretary clarified and added that further clarifications on this issue will be given as well as on the operation of the camps. in the near future.

The next stage of the lifting of the measures is at the gates, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias, stressed during today’s briefing for Coronaio.

As he said, from Monday, May 25, it is allowed to move to and from the islands, while the restaurants are open. Also on Monday, the government’s decisions on whether to open primary schools, kindergartens and nurseries will be announced on June 1st. In this context, he noted that the experience of opening high schools and lyceums was positive and things went perfectly smoothly.

He then recorded the four stations of the tourist start schedule and, in particular, referring to the travel destinations of our country said that there will be a practising doctor with each accommodation in them, while the creation of special quarantine areas per region and island is planned.

Regarding the flights, he reminded that the existing procedure, the test and the quarantine, continues until May 21. He noted that the data showed a decrease, almost disappearance of incoming cases. Characteristically, he stated that from May 13 until yesterday, 21 flights have landed in Athens with 2,236 passengers and only one test was positive.


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