Hellenic Open University: “Electronic” exams in 368 thematic sections

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This year, the Hellenic Open University will conduct “electronic” examinations in 368 thematic units, which will be done through the modern platforms of the Foundation and by ensuring both the reliability of the process and the safety of its students, who will be examined. from the place they choose (their home or the place where they are).

Ensuring the inviolable nature of the examinations will be ensured by an initial identification of the students through their connection with a camera and sound and then by methods of avoiding the possibility of copying. At the same time, where there are written examinations, they will be checked by the system that the EAP has for checking the plagiarism (copying).

With these methods, the EAP will carry out, as announced by the institution, the examinations of its students in the period from June 6 to July 31, while the exact way in which the examinations will be done in each Thematic Unit will be chosen by the coordinators in the next hours. them in collaboration with the teachers (as provided by law).

It is characteristic that the EAP has already offered its know-how in distance education to all the Greek higher education institutions and public bodies that needed it, during the tense period that the country is going through due to the deadly pandemic of coronaio.

Among them, the country’s Tourism schools, which this year operated without losing a single day of lessons through the “electronic” roads offered by the Foundation.

Thus, his students will learn in the next few hours and without further delay the dates and the way they will be examined and of course, they will not worry about the smooth and timely completion of their academic year.


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