How Primary Schools Will Work – Which Businesses Open – What Changes VAT

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The country is on a return to normalcy as from June 1, young students return to schools, hotels and camps roll up their doors, and summer cinemas open their doors to the public.

At the same time, the new VAT rates on dozens of products and services are being activated.

So, from next Monday, the VAT on coffee, soft drinks and all non-alcoholic beverages will be reduced. Shopkeepers are waiting to see if this will attract more visitors, as the goal is to reduce consumption.

Opening of municipal and kindergartens

The bell will ring again after two months in primary schools and kindergartens. On the same day, the nurseries and kindergartens will be opened, as well as the Creative Employment Centers.

All day will remain closed, at least for the first week of primary school reopening, but the situation will be re-evaluated and the possibility of them finally working remains open.

Primary school classes will be extended until Friday, June 26 (instead of June 15).

In total, for primary school teachers, the end of the school year will be June 30. For substitute teachers, their contracts will be extended until June 30.

School and kindergarten departments will operate with up to 15 students at a time and with a distance of 1.5 meters on the desks, which should have the same orientation.

If the students exceed 15, then the department will be divided into 2 subdivisions, which will operate in rotation, Monday-Wednesday-Friday one, Tuesday-Thursday the other, and next week the opposite.

If the students do not exceed 15, then the class will be open daily.

There will be antiseptics in the classrooms and it is planned to clean twice a day (during the operation of the school and after that).

How Primary Schools Will Work - Which Businesses Open - What Changes VAT

Breaks are provided at different times to reduce congestion, and canteens are not allowed to operate.

Also, the rooms will be ventilated of course.

The use of the mask is optional for teachers and students (both at school and on school buses).

And in primary schools, there is the possibility of a student being absent, on the basis of a simple responsible parent or guardian statement about the existence of a person in the home who belongs to a high-risk or sick group. There is also the possibility of modern distance learning by teachers for those students who fall into categories that justify their absence.

Special schools and kindergartens

Special schools will reopen from June 1st to June 12th for secondary and up to June 26th for primary schools, with special instructions and strict protection measures.

Municipal kindergartens and nurseries will be open until July 31, while newer announcements will be made in the last ten days of June when the committee will evaluate the new data.

From Monday, June 1, 2020, they will reopen Children’s Creative Employment Centers (KDAP), whose operation had been suspended by a decision of the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Domna Michailidou.

More specifically, the specifications set out in a series of meetings with the Special Infectious Diseases Committee focus on, among other things, the observance of basic hygiene and distance rules (1.5 meters between children), attendance and transportation. children, their division into small groups per department and the use of equipment and toys.

It is noted that from Monday the foreign language tuition centers for primary school students will also be opened. It is recalled that they are already operating but only for high school and high school children.

How Primary Schools Will Work - Which Businesses Open - What Changes VAT

Hotels are opening

Although the twelve-month operation units are allowed to reopen on Monday, June 1, it remains unknown – until now – how many of the approximately 670 accommodations that make up the hotel staff of Attica (data 2019) will finally do so.

The remaining accommodation will open on June 15.

As part of the measures for the management of corona cases, each accommodation will have a collaborating doctor and a coordinator.

Also, special “quarantine areas” will be defined per region until any patient is transferred to a health facility.

How cinemas will work

From the 1st of June, the operation of the summer cinemas will start, in fact, the VAT on cinema tickets will be reduced from 24% to 13%, in an effort to support the industry, which remained closed for at least three months.

However, the reopening of the cinemas will be nothing like the pre-Corona era. This is because special measures will be taken to ensure the safety of spectators and workers.

Based on the guidelines of the National Commission for the Protection of Public Health, summer cinemas will operate with a maximum occupancy of 40% of the total number of seats.

Viewers, for their part, are asked to keep a safe distance, while groups of up to four people will be allowed.

From the 1st of June, the operation of the closed cinemas will start, which -also- will operate with a maximum fullness of 40%.

At the same time, the room and seats should be disinfected after each film screening.

At the same time, bars and cafeterias will remain closed both in summer and in closed cinemas, in order to avoid crowding.

It is worth noting that the use of a protective mask is optional and not mandatory.

Finally, the entry should be done gradually and with the observance of the safety distances. The same goes for the output.

Sunday markets and fairs reopen

From Sunday, June 1, the Sunday markets, the fairs and other markets of article 38 of law 4497/17 reopen.

They will operate according to the rules already applied in the public markets.

The minimum distance between the stalls of the sellers is set at 5 meters with the space between the gaps – free of objects.

How Primary Schools Will Work - Which Businesses Open - What Changes VAT

What is changing in VAT

According to an amendment submitted to Parliament by the government, the products and services that will be taxed at 13% VAT, whether we buy them from the supermarket or order them at the cafeteria, are as follows:

• Mineral water

• Cola type soft drink

• Lemonade-Lemonita

• Orange juice

• Cherry

• Ice tea

• Beer without alcohol (with zero content)

• Coffee, tea

• Milk substitute

• Chocolate milk

• Fruit juice

• Juice nectar

• Toning preparations

• Isotonic preparations

• Energy drinks

Also, 13% VAT will apply to the following services:

• Cinema tickets

• Air tickets

• Ferry tickets

• Transportation (person transport)


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