How the international media “saw” the return of Greece to the beaches

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With extensive tributes, positive comments, and many photographic snapshots, the foreign press welcomed the government’s decision to turn on the “green” light for the operation of the country’s organized beaches from today, Saturday, linking the move to a first step. the resumption of tourism in the country. Some of the world’s largest media outlets refer to the opening of the organized beaches and the preparations made for this, noting that the whole plan is of course strictly adhered to by the rules of protection to avoid the transmission of the corona.

Reuters: Greece returns to the beaches in the middle of the heat, but also the umbrellas in the distance

“Greece is returning to the beaches in the heat of the moment, but keeping the umbrellas at a distance,” the international news agency Reuters reported in its headline, noting that in this way, the country is “revitalizing” the tourism sector, on which a significant part depends. of the economy. Presenting a series of photos (both individually and in slideshow) with the preparations for the organized beaches, the report points out that the relaxation of the protection measures earlier in the month, coincided with the first heat of the year and that those who sought the sun and sea ​​must respect the rules that have been set but even the distance that the umbrellas must have with each other.

After reporting on the measures (how many are allowed to enter the organized beaches and the distances they must maintain) the report states: “In Alimos, a popular beach in the south of Athens, people have been waiting in line since early in the morning. to take a stand. “This is the best thing for us seniors… to come and relax a bit,” said Yannis Tentomas, who is in his 70s and has already found a place under an umbrella, “he said. Apply.

Then, the article emphasizes the fact that Greece had low numbers in cases and deaths from coronavirus and notes the country’s dependence on tourism. He also referred to the opening of churches and archaeological sites from May 18, focusing on the Acropolis, while hosting a statement by Nikos Hardalias, that this is “a critical turning point in our efforts and we must succeed.” Finally, it notes the hopes of tourism people to receive visitors from July.

Bloomberg: Photo tribute to the preparations for the organized beaches

The news of the opening of the organized beaches in Europe has been hosted since the morning of the second issue on the world site Bloomberg. The article begins with a reference to Greece and a series of photographs from the preparations made on the country’s organized beaches to welcome the world.

He is hosting statements by Mykonos mayor Costas Koukas, who says residents want the island open, not to reduce financial losses, but because “tourism is our life.” He, like many of his counterparts in Greece and throughout Europe, is trying to “save something from the summer season,” writes Bloomberg, noting that with Greece having largely controlled the corona, Mykonos could benefit, as well as those who do. destinations in Italy and Spain hit hardest.

French Agency: Greece opens hundreds of beaches, observing social distance measures

“Greece announced on Thursday that it will open 515 beaches on Saturday as a hot weekend approaches, but is implementing strict social distance measures due to the coronation,” the French news agency said in a report, referring to the “strict” as it describes them. “Rules of use” of the beach, despite the fact that during the pandemic, the country had 152 deaths and 2,744 cases. At the same time, it hosts a statement by government spokesman Stelios Petsas that this is “an important test that we must pass… We must show that with rules and a serious approach we will be able to enjoy the beauty of our country with absolute safety.”

In the report that refers to the conditions and operating conditions of the organized beaches (how many people per sq.m., the disinfection after each use of umbrellas and seats “, it is noted that the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, pledged to do what he can to ensure that the tourist season starts on July 1st.

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