How to travel by plane, bus and train from Monday – All details

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Health protocols – based on the instructions of the committee of experts of EODY to prevent the spread of coronary heart disease – will govern travel outside the prefecture, from Monday, May 18.

In a statement on the gradual lifting of measures, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport reminds that for rail transport and KTEL travel, tourist buses, private buses are allowed to fill seats up to 50%, until May 31, when it will return the frame.

Regarding the use of a mask, it is mandatory in all means of transport, while the same applies to air transport.

At the same time, the use of electronic applications – where they are available – for the issuance of tickets is encouraged, while passengers are required to keep a distance of 1-1.5 meters at the waiting areas and when boarding.

Service providers in all areas must:

  • Inform passengers about hygiene rules and personal protection measures.
  • To provide the staff with the necessary personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, alcohol antiseptic).
  • Clean and disinfect passenger areas and contact points and machinery with special materials.

In particular with regard to air transport:

  • The boarding must be done in parts to avoid overcrowding.
  • Where there are boarding bridges, boarding will only be done through the front door.
  • Where possible, passengers will be transported from the waiting room to the aircraft on foot.
  • Where a bus is used, the limit of 50% of the capacity will be observed.
  • At the entrance of the plane or at the boarding gate there will be packages with water, antiseptic and snacks for the passengers to receive without the intervention of a third party.
  • Upon arrival at the airport, the aircraft must be disinfected.

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