How to travel by ship – What movements are released on Monday

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From Monday, May 18, travel to mainland Greece will be released, as well as to Evia and Crete. For this reason, measures are in place for shipping, as the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection said.

Among these measures is that ships will depart with 50% of passengers or 55% of cabins are available. The mask will be mandatory as well as the thermometer before boarding.

Safety measures for ferry trips

A) Instructions for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 cases in passenger and passenger-vehicle ferries that perform maritime intra-shipping as well as international ships under the Greek flag.

The instructions will be applicable from 18.05.2020 to 15.06.2020 and mainly concern:

1. Determining the maximum number of passenger passengers at 50% of the total number of passengers specified in the ship’s safety certificate, or at 55% if cabins are available.

2. The thermal measurement and the completion of a special health status questionnaire before boarding the ship and maintaining it with the care of the shipping company. The questionnaire will also be available on a special website.

3. The maintenance of a distance of 1.5 meters during boarding, disembarkation and in all areas of the ship.

4. The use of each cabin by one (1) person, unless it is a family (first-degree relatives), so it can be up to 4 people, or disabled with their companion.

5. The use of a mask (fabric is recommended) by passengers and crew members.

6. The special layout of the passengers in air seats (one seat occupied and one seat empty, adjacent, front and rear).

7. Thermometry and the submission of a special health declaration, before departure, for the passengers of international ships on the Greek-Italian lines.

8. Informing the passengers about the measures with a printed EODY leaflet, as well as informative spots and audio messages.

9. Special crew training.

10. The application of rules of personal hygiene and protection and the existence of antiseptic stations in various parts of the ship.

11. Ship cleaning and disinfection,

12. Ventilation and air conditioning of ships,

13. The management of a suspicious incident (isolation in a special area, disembarkation at the next port which has the necessary capacity for its management, tracking of contacts, etc.),

14. The rules of operation of passenger service points (bars, restaurants, dining rooms),

How to travel by ship - What movements are released on Monday

B) Procedures for the mooring of pleasure boats coming from abroad after the lifting of the restrictive measures against the COVID-19 pandemic. The instructions will be applicable from 15.05.2020 to 15.06.2020 and mainly concern:

1. The possibility of entering ports, marinas and shipyards of mainland Greece of private yachts and commercial pleasure boats (except cruise ships) coming from abroad if they are passenger voids and under certain health conditions and with the permission of the competent authority.

2. Continuation of the prohibition of shipwrecks by foreign countries for which special restrictive measures are still in force (eg Turkey).

3. Mandatory control (test) of all crews and occupants, in a certified laboratory (at the expense of the occupants).

4. The implementation of the National Health Organization’s guidelines on ships remaining in the long-term mooring at ports during the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. The submission of a maritime health declaration.

6. Provide information to passengers on the rules and regulations for COVID-19 applicable in the port of use.

7. The management of a suspicious or confirmed incident on board.


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