In Evros, Chrysochoidis – The borders are being strengthened with 400 police officers

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The Minister of Civil Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, is currently going to Evros, while at the same time the strengthening of the police forces in the area begins with about 400 police officers from various parts of Greece. Mr. Chrysochoidis is expected to arrive in Alexandroupolis at noon and from there he will tour the borderline of Evros. He will then chair a meeting with the mayor of Alexandroupolis and the heads of the police forces at the Border Guard Department in Feres.

The Minister will also be informed about the progress of the actions related to the construction of the new 26 km fence in Evros that are proceeding with fast procedures. It is noted that the technical study for the construction of the new fence is expected, in order to initiate the procedures for the promotion of the contractor of the project, which will be completed in the near future. In this phase and until Friday, May 29, by order of the Hellenic Police Headquarters issued yesterday, a total of 400 police officers will have gone and been deployed along the entire borderline of Evros to strengthen security.

These are mainly MAT police officers from Northern Greece and Thessaly, but also two squads from Athens, as well as from other services from various areas. At the same time, the procedures for the recruitment of new border guards who have already been registered with the recent competition, but have not yet been hired, are accelerating, as the issue of the coronation has arisen and all the procedures have been “frozen”. Now, however, the completion of the procedures of the sport and the fast-paced training of them classified in order to undertake a service will be done quickly. These are 400 border guards for Evros and another 660 for the islands of the North Aegean.

A high-ranking official of the Ministry of Civil Protection, speaking to APE-MPE, pointed out that they never relaxed the security measures of Evros, after the last invasion of immigrants that clashed with the immediate reaction of the Greek forces, but now the police presence is further strengthened. “Turkey is constantly keeping the issue high.” He said the move by forces from the rest of Greece would strengthen surveillance of all crossings at the border with Turkey, adding that it was not ruled out that there would be an attempt by the neighbour to invade a new wave of migrants and stressed that “Evros is sealed”.

Finally, it is worth noting that this year the number of students admitted to the Panhellenic Examinations in the Hellenic Police is significantly increasing, in order to increase the staff of the Corps. Specifically, 730 will be admitted to the Police Academy and 70 to the Officers’ School, compared to 310 and 40 respectively, which were last year.


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