Karamanlis: In early July, the metro will arrive

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At the beginning of July, the extension of line 3 of the metro to Piraeus to the Nice Station will be put into circulation, announced the Minister of Infrastructure & Transport, Costas Karamanlis, who visited the “Ag. Varvara” station under construction together with Deputy Minister Giannis. Kefalogianni and the general secretary of Infrastructure George Karagiannis.

The section that will be put into circulation at the beginning of July by the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis includes the stations “Korydallos” and “Nikaia” which will also be ready.

“A few months ago, I promised that at the beginning of the summer we will have the first three stations of the metro extension to Piraeus ready: Agia Varvara, Korydallos and Nikaia. In order to achieve this, we have been working intensively all this time “, Mr. Karamanlis stressed, in statements after the tour of the station, noting that during the coronation pandemic the work continued, with strict observance of all measures. safety and protection of workers, according to the instructions of experts.

“Today, I can reiterate that we are committed to our commitment. We are now completing the tests of all the systems so that the three stations will be operational at the beginning of next July. In the last six months, we have overcome many problems that have been chronic and solved important issues that remained unresolved for a long time “, the minister added.

“It simply came to our notice then. We also solved the problem of the electronic ticket at the specific stations and its connection with the central system “. He said the minister acknowledged the problem, noting the risk of completing the construction of the stations, but not being able to operate because people could not validate their tickets. “We have had to deal with such absurd situations,” he said, adding: “However, with the right instructions and actions and despite the adversity of the pandemic, we have managed to solve this in a very short time. And in less than two months from today, our hundreds of thousands of fellow citizens of St. Barbara, Korydallos and Nice will be able to enjoy the Metro with comfort and safety. ”

Mr. Karamanlis concluded by emphasizing: “Intensive work will continue. The next goal is to be consistent and with the second part of our commitment, the other three stations that we received with very serious delays, Maniatika, Municipal Theater and Piraeus, to be ready in 2022. We continue to work methodically and seriously, without big words “.

For his part, Mr. Kefalogiannis pointed out that the new station of “Agia Varvara” expands the metro network “on the neuralgic line that will connect Athens with Piraeus” and added: “With the operation of the new station, the citizens of the area will immediately see an improvement not only in their movements but also in their quality of life, as significant work has been done in the shaping of the surrounding area “.

The work in numbers

The extension of Line 3 of the metro, “Agia Marina-Municipal Theater”, consists of a tunnel about 7.55 km long, six new stations (St. Barbara, Korydallos, Nice, Maniatika, Piraeus, Municipal Theater) and seven intermediate wells. ventilation.

The contractual price of the project (including unforeseen, accounting and revision) is 467,462 million euros.

Work on the extension of Line 3 has been completed by 83%. In the section of the first three stations, the tests of the electromechanical systems are already in progress, while the architectural finishes and the surface restorations are in the phase of completion.


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