Kerameos for “aphorism” by Ambrosios: Extreme positions – I have a clear conscience

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The Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, commented in an interview about her “aphorism” by the former Metropolitan of Kalavrita and Aigialeia, Ambrosio.

“I could answer this question in many ways. Everyone can say and do as they see fit. I believe that we have always acted responsibly in order to protect public health and the public interest in order to protect the faithful of every doctrine. And this despite the exceptional difficulty of the project and the very unpleasant of the whole project “he stressed to ANT1.

“I am just happy to be free. The rest does not concern me. But let’s not let some extreme positions and actions tarnish the climate and all these important things that we all won together, “added Ms Kerameos.

At the same time, the Minister appeared satisfied with the second phase of returning to schools.

“Everything is going according to the EODY protocol. We are going step by step in the framework of the instructions from the experts “, underlined Mrs Kerameos, pointing out that teachers and students respected the protection measures.

Referring to the possibility of a coronary stroke in a student, he clarified that it is not the school that closes but the department and all the contacts of the student are traced.

He made it clear that the same protective measures will be observed in the Panhellenic Examinations, which will begin on June 15 for the General Lyceums and the next day for the EPAL.

Commenting on the allegations of the unnecessary opening of schools, he noted that the State has a duty, based on the instructions of experts, to help students return to their natural environment.

For the new school year, he noted that the start is scheduled for September 1.

Regarding the reactions to the cameras in the schools, he reiterated that they have entered so that all students have access to education, commented that this is a special regulation only for the pandemic crisis and clarified that care has been taken to ensure personal data.



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