Loutraki: The generator seems to have had with them the 4 men who were found dead in a cave

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Four men were killed in the early hours of the morning in a cave in the Karbounari area of ​​Loutraki.

According to the first information from the Fire Brigade, the four men, who had a generator with them, were pulled out dead from a well.

The woman who notified the authorities was the wife of one of the four victims. In fact, she had her two minor children with her.

Police and the Fire Brigade were at the scene from the first moment, while around 4 in the morning, the ladder of the Special Disaster Management Unit arrived, in order to retrieve the bodies of the four men.

So far, the reason why the 4 people lost their lives has not been known.

The possibility of climbing the area was recently ruled out, speaking to SKAI, the mayor of Loutraki, Giorgos Gionis. detonate an explosive device.

In fact, according to newer information, reported by Loutraki 365, some of them are said to have been found dead while still holding the cables in their hands!

Based on this scenario, traffic to the site was immediately banned for fear of a new explosion, while at about 5 in the morning, the operation to retrieve the 4 bodies began.

Speaking to SKAI, the representative of the Fire Brigade, Vassilis Vathrakogiannis, gave further information about the circumstances of the tragedy in Loutraki.

Mr Vathrakogiannis explained that the place where the four people were found was like a well and a cave.

Its depth was about 20 meters.

The representative of the Fire Brigade stated that the causes of death are also being investigated and why they had gone to the specific spot in the early hours of the morning.

As he confirmed, the ages of the 4 victims are from 35 to 65 years.


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