“Magic night” with the unique Dalara at MEGA

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George Dalaras gave a special night to Greeks all over the world through the frequency of MEGA.

The great singer took the baton from Anna Vissi and Antonis Remos and kept the audience company in the most enjoyable way.

On this special night, George Dalaras decided to perform pieces by Mikis Theodorakis and Vassilis Tsitsanis. Timeless songs that all Greeks have loved and once again enjoyed with the voice of the great singer.

This night that was loved by thousands of viewers had touching interpretations, words from his heart and distinguished guests.

“Fortunately, we went through quarantine, let’s say that the difficulties passed”, were the first words of George Dalaras, who opened his TV concert, together with Eleonora Zouganeli, shortly after 23:00, with the song “From Your window “, with music by Mikis Theodorakis and lyrics by Iakovos Kampanellis, from the theatrical performance” The neighbourhood of angels “, leaving a special message of optimism.

“We are called to do something paradoxical, to play music and songs at a distance. Music is the only thing that unites people and the song throws up barriers, it doesn’t count races, colours. It is the greatest power that man has ever had. “Slowly, with patience and prudence, we will succeed,” the singer added.

George Dalaras even referred to his collaborators: “Musicians and technicians. These people don’t look as good as they deserve, because in a strange way we steal their light. And I like to say, especially to hear it, that whatever we think of ourselves will always be something less without the others around us. ”

Of course, the companions, favourite singers of the singer and many viewers were not absent from this trip, who during the show expressed their love for the singer.

“If Fridays with quarantine are like that, I say stay in quarantine for a month,” “MEGA came again to stay. These are nights “,” MEGA you have made our Fridays “,” Hello MEGA with your perfect nights “,” Hello George, we see you from Boston America “,” Thank you for all the years of your offer in Greek song “,” Dalaras one and only “,” This is the coronavirus vaccine, let’s go strong “,” Another time MEGA gives its leftovers “, were some of the viewers’ messages.

This TV concert was honoured with physics, but keeping the safety distances, in the presence of loved ones of George Dalaras, among them: Eleonora Zouganeli, Christos Mastoras, Dimitris Bassis, Miltos Paschalidis, Aspasia Flougou Stratigou and Eleni.


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