Mass return: 70% of civil servants in their posts from Monday

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Instructions for the operation of public services from next week, which includes the return to the office of 70% of employees and under the conditions of all staff, in the context of the gradual return to normalcy, gives a circular of the Minister of Interior, Takis Theodorikakou.

As clarified in the circular, 70% is calculated at the level of the Directorate or General Directorate on the basis of those who can provide shift work with a personal presence. Therefore, employees who are on any leave, including emergency leave due to coronation, will not be counted.

In case, according to the responsibilities of each service, but also of each organic unit, it is required that even 100% of the employees come, this -according to the circular- is allowed, provided that the rules of health protection are ensured, especially its observance. distance between workers of at least 1.5 meters.

The attendance of employees in three distinct attendance hours (7.00-8.00 and 9.00) will continue next week to avoid overcrowding on public transport. It is clarified, however, that in cases where employees come to the service either by car or on foot, it is clear that they can maintain the time of arrival and departure that was valid before the pandemic.

It is noted that the instructions of the circular do not concern the uniformed, the teachers and the administrative staff of the school units, the employees who serve in the Ministry of Health, in health service providers, in the Ministry of Immigration Policy, as in this case, only the bodies are responsible. to which these employees belong organically.

Source: RES-EIA


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