Measuring measures: On May 4, the traffic returns

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The information of the 6 deputy ministers of the government has been completed, for the gradual lifting of the measures that have been taken for the protection from the coronaio. Earlier, the Prime Minister described the general framework for the gradual lifting of measures. Akis Skertsos (Undersecretary to the Prime Minister) Giannis Kefalogiannis (Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport), Nikos Hardalias (Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management), Nikos Papathanasis (Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior, Industry and Trade), Vassilis Krits responsible for matters of self-government and elections) gave in detail every step that will be taken to gradually lift the measures of the coronation.

A. Skertsos announced, among other things, that the use of a mask in means of transport, taxi, closed spaces will be mandatory. He made a strong recommendation for telework, where possible, by at least 70%. She noted that the plan complies with the basic principles of plans pursued in other countries but also adopts national solutions, noting that each country adapts the exit plan to the specific conditions prevailing in it, to its available resources, to its culture. He identified the next two months as the coordinated return to a new daily life with constant vigilance, personal and collective, aimed at the gradual resumption of economic life. This two months will be full of addictions.

He stressed that the fear was understandable but advised those who are afraid and hesitant to move on to the next phase, “to trust the State and understand that prolonged lockdown creates new deadlocks, socially, economically and psychologically.” But he also advised those who may be behaving irresponsibly to reconsider. He also stressed that the answer to the question “why now” is that we are now in a better position than in February. The bridge plan – See here the whole plan of gradual de-escalation, with the name “Security Bridge”.

Undersecretary of Development Nikos Papathanasis gave the plan to lift the measures for businesses, which is being structured in seven stages, starting from May 4th. Specifically, next Monday, retail stores and service providers will open, such as bookstores, optical and sports equipment stores, a plant sales company, while the relocation to other prefectures for producers selling products in public markets will be released. In addition, on May 4, hairdressers, barbershops, beauty salons and KTEO open. Mr Papathanasis mentioned in detail the KAD of the companies that are reopening for retail trade are 4741,4742, 4762, 4764, 4776. The corresponding KAD for KTEO is 7120 and for the hairdressers and beauty centres 9602. Also, on the 4th In May, in the first stage of lifting the measures, the shoe processing stores, ie the shoemakers, will start again. According to the Undersecretary of State, more than 68,000 suspended workers are returning to work or 10% of all those who have been suspended. The percentage is similar (26,167) for the companies that reopen with the first stage of lifting the measures on Monday.

The use of a mask in MMM will be mandatory for employees and passengers, according to what Giannis Kefalogiannis said in the context of the gradual removal of the restrictions that have been taken due to the coronation. The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport announced that the control of the implementation of the measure will be done by the control mechanisms that are in charge of this task. In addition, Mr Kefalogiannis announced that the ring will not be valid for the month of May, while from 4/5 there will be the possibility of transporting two more people of the driver, in the movement with the cars. Mr Kefalogiannis spoke of an increase in the frequency of routes to the maximum possible degree from the very first day of implementation of the framework for the gradual lifting of restrictions.

During his speech, the undersecretary sent a clear message to all. Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalias. As he underlined, the new bet is to follow all the rules of protection that accompany the gradual lifting of each measure. “The disease, the virus is everywhere, ready to spread locally or en masse, taking advantage of our every mistake, our every weakness, our every relaxation and excuse to get away from the goal. A goal that changes in the coming days! Our vigilance does not change, the goal changes! And to be clear, until today and until May 4, our goal, our strategy, our plan, our big daily bet is and remains one: we stay in our home and avoid any unnecessary travel.

Among other things, Mr Hardalias stressed: “And if the previous phase of imposing restrictive measures seemed difficult, it should be clear that the next phase of gradual lifting of these measures is extremely more critical and difficult to manage. From Monday, May 4, our plan, our daily bet is modified. From staying home we move to gradual mobility where the major, the basic, the critical is one: We all follow the rules of protection that accompany the gradual lifting of each measure. And that’s exactly our big goal! ”

So here we are! At a critical juncture in the evolution of the pandemic, in the face of a new phase, a new daily life. The more loyal we are to the implementation of the rules that accompany the gradual lifting of the measures, the sooner we will move on to the next ones. We follow the rules, then we move on. We do not comply with them, then we may stop and return to a new cycle of restrictions. So simple! The proud Greeks have proved a lot so far! To all humanity! With more responsibility. And in the new bet, we have to prove more. Until Sunday we stay home without any other thoughts or excuses. From Monday, we all move carefully, not unnecessarily and as the rules require, as the occasion demands. From Monday, our individual responsibility will be the social force that will be the beacon, but also the compass of our new course. We apply the rules! We are gradually but steadily winning. Good strength to all.


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