Ministry of Education: Duplication of e-books – Home distribution is timely

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The Ministry of Education gave clarifications with questions and answers regarding the books and how the distribution at home evolved.

1. Has the distribution of books been delayed this year?

Not only has the distribution not been delayed but:
– despite the pandemic of coronavirus and
– the increased number of books (this year we had 225,813 student statements and 1,184,988 books for distribution, numbers increased compared to the academic semester 2018-2019, when we had 216,885 student statements and 1,112,627 books)

1) students’ statements were completed almost a month earlier this year than last year, on 26/4/2020, 2) book deliveries are completed on approximately the same date as last year (ie around mid-June), 3) significant innovation this year: The number of e-books in EYDOXO doubled in order to support the distance learning process (currently there are 150,000 e-books, more than double the number of e-books). last year).

At the moment, more than 90% of the books have been delivered by the publishing houses to the courier companies and have already been delivered or delivered directly to the students. The ministerial decision that determined the manner and dates of distribution of the books was issued on April 9, 2020.

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2. How are the books distributed this semester?

Given the pandemic and the measures to protect it, the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs took care to distribute the books at home this semester. Initially, bookstores were closed for an unknown period of time, there were strict measures against rallies (and therefore queues for books) while students left their universities and went to their place of origin as most of the semester was taught remotely. Distributing books through courier companies was the only effective way to distribute books to students this semester.
Even now that bookstores have opened, most courses continue to be conducted remotely. Most students remain in their places of origin and only a very small percentage have returned to universities to conduct clinical and laboratory exercises. As the distribution points are located in the universities of each student, the most convenient way to complete the distribution of books is with courier companies.

3. What steps has the Ministry of Education and Science taken to return students to universities?

A ministerial decision was issued on 20/5/2020 with detailed instructions for the extension of the semester, the conduct of clinical and laboratory exercises, the internship and the conduct of the examination in the universities. Also, on 21/5/2020, a joint ministerial decision was issued with the Ministry of Health for the health part and the health protection measures during the return of the students to the universities.

4. Why did you wait until 20/5/2020 to issue the decisions?

Why should the epidemiological data be evaluated by the competent committee of EODY and give the necessary instructions for the return of students to the universities and the conduct of the examinations, in case they are done with a physical presence. The framework for the examination was discussed at length with the rectors at a working conference on the same day the decision was issued, on 20/5/2020, while the process of distributing the textbooks to the students had been announced as early as 9/4/2020.

5. But why didn’t you give specific directions to the universities on how to conduct the exam? Do you “throw the ball” at universities?

In no case can YPAITH prefer one method of examination over the other. There is the self-government, guaranteed by the Constitution of the country, but also the conditions are different from institution to institution, but also from school to school within the same university. In addition, by law, the only one responsible for determining how students are assessed in a course is the instructor of the course. He will choose whether to evaluate by handing over assignments, oral or written examination, or a combination of the above.
However, with the ministerial decision, we set the framework for the manner and means of conducting the examinations. In case of a written or oral distance examination, the Senate of the A.E.I. must take a reasoned decision stating the insurance premiums and the means applied on a case-by-case basis in order to ensure, inter alia, the inviolability of the examination. In case the examinations take place to live, the specific instructions of the EODY Committee that have been notified to the universities should be followed.


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