Mitsotaki’s visit to a farm in Avlona

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On Friday morning, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis visited a standard agricultural production unit that incorporates innovative practices in its operation.

Mr Mitsotakis was in the agricultural holding of Mr Christos Zagaris, who was named by the agricultural newspaper Agrenda a farmer of the year for 2019. He talked with him and with employees about the problems of the industry regarding the production and distribution of products. in Greece and abroad while listening to their proposals for the initiatives that would be taken by the government to improve the productivity and competitiveness of domestic production in the international environment.

Mitsotaki's visit to a farm in Avlona

The Prime Minister stressed that the primary sector, in combination with the processing of agricultural products, is emerging as one of the levers of economic development and productive reconstruction of the country while expressing its absolute support for the technological – digital leap that is taking place gradually. She emphasized the need to strengthen the industry with 150 million euros, adding that she would continue to stand by the producers to support them in the near future in order to deal with the effects of the pandemic. He expressed his gratitude to all the producers of the country as during the health crisis the operation of the supply chain continued uninterruptedly and there was no shortage of products.

He toured all areas of the farm and was informed about the way food is grown and produced.

The advanced electronic service is in operation

Mr Mitsotakis toured the advanced electronic service, an application that is an improvement of the existing one and will pave the way for the rural world for new collaborations with traders but also with mass catering stores directly in Greece and then abroad. This gives everyone the opportunity to post the needs they have at work to find staff and also to use the platform as a tool to promote their overall profile, as they will be able to better communicate a possible own website that will contain additional information.

Mitsotaki's visit to a farm in Avlona

During the discussion with the producers of the farm, the Prime Minister, among other things, stated:

“During the time of the colonial crisis, huge leaps were made in the digital modernization of the state. We usually equate most of them with the reduction of bureaucracy. I can do things on my computer that I would have to have a physical presence under other conditions, go to a KEP, go to my doctor for a prescription.

What is very interesting about this platform is that we are now starting to marry producers with customers, inside and outside Greece. As much as possible to limit intermediaries. So, to offer more competitive products and especially to advertise the very great wealth of our land, everywhere in the world, in a way that will be unified and through a platform which, obviously, does not come to replace the private market, but gives the opportunity to anyone who wants to enter to be shown and get in touch with potential customers.

So, let’s move on to the next phase of how to use digital tools. And, of course, its success will be judged, my dear Undersecretary (to Mr Costas Skrekas), by how those interested will embrace it, won’t they? We give the platform, but I think that, especially for smaller producers, you are very large, you have a stable clientele, I imagine, but for smaller producers, for smaller customers, this platform is very interesting. As it is very important that we can advertise all the wealth of our primary production outside Greece “.

Mitsotaki's visit to a farm in Avlona

The Minister of Development and Food, Makis Voridis, noted: “We legislate that the unemployment benefit will be maintained for those unemployed who choose to work in agricultural work. Therefore, they will receive their salary from agricultural work and they will also receive the allowance “.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister added: “This is very important. First, you have to have the appetite to work in the field. Because, I think, if you spend one day in the field and you get completely caught up, you have to come back the next day in a better mood. But that is our philosophy. We want to subsidize work, not unemployment. We are taking a first step in the primary sector, what does that mean? that you will actually have a higher income. Unemployment benefit which is not lost plus the wage, the earnings that the producer will give you. And we hope that in this way we will be able to change the philosophy a little bit. ”

The Prime Minister was accompanied by the Minister of Development and Food, Makis Voridis, and the Deputy Minister of Development and Food, Costas Skrekas, in charge of the Common Agricultural Policy.


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