Murder in Anogia: The chronicle of the crime and the “prophetic” mantinada Kalomiri

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Two families in Anogia dressed in black. One fight, two dead and one wounded compose the scene of the double murder that cost the life of 63-year-old Lefteris Kalomiris and 30-year-old George Xylouris.

As reported by It all started with a quarrel between George Xylouris and his son Lefteris Kalomiris. A quarrel over property disputes, about the potatoes kept by the two families. The two young men appear to have been arrested. At the moment the quarrel is over but after a while, George Xylouris returned armed. According to information, Lefteris Kalomiris, who was found with two bullet wounds to the chest, came in the middle to protect his son. The bullets hit him in the chest and he fell dead.

Kalomiri’s son then picked up a gun and shot 30-year-old George Xylouris. After a while, Xylouris falls dead with 7 bullet wounds to the chest. The young Kalomiris escaped from the spot and was searched until he was handed over on Sunday afternoon.

A 30-year-old man from Anogia who was passing by the spot is injured. However, he was lucky in his misfortune, as he has only a minor leg injury and is being treated at the University Hospital of Heraklion.

Very soon the whole village of Anogia was on its feet, looking for answers that all this started and that it ended in a tragedy with two dead men. In fact, the families of the two dead, in addition to staying very close, had kinship and social ties “tied” with piggy banks and co-ordinates.

The residents of Anogia were embarrassed by the news. Very quickly, the Health Center became the center of interest of the settlement. Relatives and fellow villagers of those involved in the murder gathered there. The news that the two men were dead spread quickly.

Strong police forces from Heraklion and Rethymno rushed to the spot.

The bodies of the two dead were transported to Heraklion and Rethymno. The 30-year-old at the University Hospital and the 62-year-old at the General Hospital of Rethymno.

Lefteris Kalomiris the mantinadologist

Lefteris Kalomiris, 62, who died in Anogia on Saturday afternoon, was well known for his involvement with folklore and the public. He was one of the most famous mantinadologists and for years he had been the president of the Municipal Council of Anogia as well as of the Cultural Association.

The prophetic mantinada

A while ago, a record was released in which Lefteris Kalomiris had written mantinades.

So he says in one of them: “If the death has a second life, halal since I will be reborn to love you again.”

Two years ago, Lefteris Kalomiris was hosted on the show “Discreet” on Crete TV. He participated in a tribute to the lyricist and singer George Kalomiris and then the mantinades he had said were the following two:

“The mountains are falling apart, the grass is falling

As far as they can, the eyes should be shielded “

“I fought with love and who will blame us

That he is possessed by shocks, that he does not confuse them “



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