New JM: Which companies remain closed until May 24, 2020

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The sub-number was published in the Official Gazette. 30608 / 16.5.2020 joint ministerial decision, which determines the companies that remain closed to the whole State, for the period from 18 May 2020 to 24 May 2020, for the purpose of limiting the dispersion of the corona COVID- 19, as it was held that there are still urgent reasons of public interest, which make it necessary to continue the temporary ban on the operation of individual private companies and other public gathering places, in order to limit the spread of the COVID-19 corona, plus a shift to a gradual return to social and economic normalcy, following the National Committee for the Protection of Public Health’s 15.5,2020 proposal against the COVID-19 corona.

In particular, as stated in the relevant document, and in accordance with Article 1 of the above joint ministerial decision, it was decided to temporarily ban the operation of the whole State, for precautionary reasons of public health, for the period from 18.5.2020 to 24.5.2020, in reference to the 15.5.2020 proposal of the National Commission for the Protection of Public Health against the COVID-19 corona and to reduce the risk of the COVID-19 corona dispersing, of private companies in regard to the following activities:

Holiday accommodation and other seasonal accommodation (CAD 5520).

Camp areas, facilities for recreational vehicles and trailers (KAD 5530).

Restaurant and mobile restaurant service activities, with the exception of activities related to product distribution (delivery, room service, etc.) and provision of products in a package from the store (take away) in which the use of table seats and serving them (KAD) is not allowed. 5610).

Activities of catering services (KAD 5621).

Services provided by sports facility canteens (KAD 56292002).

Services provided by school canteens (canteens) (KAD 56292004).

Services provided by student restaurants, with the exception of activities related to the distribution of products (delivery) and provision of products in a package from the store (take away) (KAD 56292005).

Beverage activities (dance centres, refreshments, coffee bars, cafes, cafes, entertainment centres, etc.), with the exception of activities related to product distribution (delivery, room service, etc.) and provision of products in package from the store (take away) in which the use of table seats and serving in them is not allowed (KAD 5630).

Film screenings (KAD 5914).

Organization of conferences and trade fairs (KAD 8230).

Services provided by Open Centers for the Protection of the Elderly (KAPI), with the exception of a) the Social Welfare Services without accommodation for the elderly and people with disabilities (KAD 88.10.10), b) the Services for visiting and providing support to the elderly (KAD 88.10). 11) [ΚΑΔ 8810].

Supportive activities for the performing arts (KAD 9002), as well as exploitation of spectacle rooms and related activities (concerts and artistic events) [ΚΑΔ 9004], except for activities related to rehearsals of live shows and auditions and filming.

Library and archives activities (KAD 9101).

Museum activities (KAD 9102).

Operation of historic sites and buildings and similar poles of attraction for visitors (KAD 9103).

Gambling and betting (including casinos, gambling clubs, etc.), excluding: a) lottery services, games with numbers and Bigo (KAD: 92.00.13), b) online gambling services (KAD: 92.00.14), c) gambling services (KAD: 92.00.19), d) online betting services (KAD: 92.00.21) and e) other betting services (KAD: 92.00.29) [ΚΑΔ 9200].

Exploitation of sports facilities (KAD 9311).

Sports group activities (KAD 9312).

Exercise facilities (KAD 9313).

Other sports activities, except for services related to pet training, for hunting and related activities ( [ΚΑΔ 9319].

Activities of leisure parks and other theme parks (KAD 9321).

Other entertainment and leisure activities (KAD 9329), excluding the beach sector (KAD and the services of renting umbrellas and / or seats (beach) [ΚΑΔ].

Services provided by playgrounds (KAD 93291905).

Services of cultural associations and associations (KAD 94991601), with the exception of activities related to the provision of services to asylum seekers and refugees, and in particular referrals and escorts to accommodation, interpreting services, psychosocial support and legal assistance.

Entertainment clubs (KAD 94991602).

Activities related to physical well-being, with the exception of a) diet services (KAD, b) dietary services (multifunctional combination of aesthetics and diet (excluding physical exercise) (KAD, c) personal services Hygiene and body care (hair removal, ultraviolet and infrared treatment, KAD [ΚΑΔ 9604].

Intelligence or neighborhood office services (KAD 96091906).

Tattoo services (KAD 96091909).

Sacrifice services (KAD 96091912).

Body skin piercing services (KAD 96091917).

At the same time, the joint ministerial decision provides for the exceptional operation from May 18, 2020 of all open and closed sports facilities and swimming pools and their use exclusively to meet training needs (only with individual training, without contact or group exercise). by club athletes, as well as the operation of open facilities in all public and private spaces, regardless of legal personality, used by sports clubs and groups that have a legal license AGRICULTURE for some sports, and the use of swimming pools for therapeutic exercise for people with disabilities, as well as their companions

Finally, Article 4 of the relevant joint ministerial decision stipulates that, during the same period, ie from 18.5.2020 to 24.5.2020, the operation of commercial stores and businesses of Article 1 within ports and airports is permitted. of Chora. while at the same time it is clarified that, it is not prohibited to carry out works without the presence of the public in the private enterprises of articles 1 and 2.


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